April 13, 2009

Word Craft ~ Free Writing

It starts the way the words decide they would want to be written. Sybella has different rituals depending on the words wanting to be put down. If they want to be words boring and dull for the buttering of bread--well then she starts that ritual with lots of coffee and turns around three times before setting a timer and just dumping the words that come out.

Other times, Sybella finds words that would like to be written in a little different way. Perhaps, angry for a situation in Thisworld, or maybe words that would like to say she was hurt or happy. The words may want to tell of a journey or an experience. Sybella can choose to write the words the way they decide to be written. In order to do so however she must be able to listen to them.

Her rituals are varied and the rules of it all are not nearly as important as moving with what the words want to say. Who knows what that could be with Sybella so how could there be one ritual for words yet to be written?

Sybella lets the words unwritten show their way. Her ritual must allow her to naturally move through finding the words and allowing them to leave her fingertips to show themselves on the page. Of course, as they make themselves Seen there may be cause to shift or break her current thought for direction and often, Sybella finds her written words say more then she expected.

There is not a way to make strict ritual for something that has not yet been written. The writing itself may say the next step in the ritual. It would be very frustrating for the words to get out if due to outline the crafter not permitted to go with what they say.

Sybella uses many tools to work her craft of words. Music playing is one and her most favorite. She may shift from one thought to another and transition by taking a bath, relaxing and letting thought run free. Taking the feel of the day away--or making them more real.

There is however one ritual she uses to allow the words to take shape and form. Well practiced by any word crafter of repute. The secular word crafters may call it an exercise, Sybella calls it FreeWriting.

There are only a few rules she has for the FreeWrite of words:
1- Position and equipment (nice pen and ample paper--or laptop depends on the words to be written)
2- Grounding always and the correct space to write the words to be written.
3- A timer set for 9 minutes. (or more depending)

Set up the tools, in the space to write the words that need to be written. Ground--and then visualize, meditate and build the energy for the words wanting to be put to page. Turn the timer on and Write the words.

Sometimes FreeWriting is to get an idea out or the first ideas out for a certain topic. Good for the block of words.

Sometimes it is for the drill of it--to put things in order, to go from one point to the next with the words of it.

Sometimes it is to Let it Be Written. A good way to put it down in the black and white of it.

Sometimes it is to tell it.

Sometimes it is to be done with it.

Sometimes it is to give it away.

Sometimes it is to keep it most secret.

Sometimes it is for flight faery fey.

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