April 10, 2009

Firday Flights.

Friday ~ April 10, 2009
This morning Sybella woke fresh and wide open for the day. The early peek at spring with the heat of the sun this week was a Blessing. Enough so, the return of clouds and rain can be received as sacrifice for what is to come. The fullness of spring and the passion of summer to follow.

Sybella, has been enjoying the music of her writing space--the place she flys with faery fancy. It might be a wise idea sometime to split her music into some kind of organized groups since the playlist right now is rather, diverse-ish.

For Sybella music just has No Rules at all. One of her drugs of choice to be sure. The castle is so filled with the sounds of Sybella's music and dance it is something that all in the walls also take in... the children are especially affected. The little sparkles both feel music naturally and beg of it often. It is a regular part of the day in life to have dance with them or drum together the castle is most magic during the times of no talking, but singing and moving... Of course, the playlist on her blog here has Sybella's own music which--some should just stay her private song.

Today, with the clouds and the cool it is a nice day for Sybella to dance and sing as she keeps her castle tidy, and dusted with all of the pixie dust she can find for this time of year. There will be a feast this Sunday--eggs and all the what everyone does stuff...

Sybella, has plan to play her list start to end and and fly the work of the day beginning to end of it. This would be best method to discern which songs go where and if need of additional songs are required?

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