September 3, 2012


It has been a little while since this story has been outlined. The writer--Me, has made some major life changes during the past few years... At the same time Sybella's Faery TELL has brewed in the writer's mind and become a different story.

As a non-fiction writer of journalistic works, the bottom line is always Truth and Facts. It would stand to reason some time might be required for the creative nature to emerge. Not to mention for a journalist to obtain permission, even if only personal permission, to write--what would amount to a heap of lies and deceptions. After all non fiction is absolutely the opposite of fact.

Or is it?

Truth be told, this old blog and all the words written before today, is the basis for the development of a journalist trying to find words of fiction. The transformation of a writer of facts to a writer of imagination. The greatest difference between the two types of writing is Permission to re-write the whole story! Just because the words were written one way in the past does not limit a fiction writers rights to completely change everything and forget the direction of the past. 

Breaking the fourth-plain, this writer is announcing the prior entries here are but an outline and formation of the direction Sybella's Faerie TELL's will eventually take readers. And, now the real stories will be written.