January 10, 2013

Passed Down

It has been a fascinating journey making 2 plus 2 become what Sybella has learned it to be. Finding her way in Thisworld without seeing or touching the one who told her she was her Faery Fey.

Sybella has been on a journey of discovery since her earliest childhood. Her understanding not passed to her mother, a little by accidental habit was the language, actions, and ritual of her mothers mother. But, it was her great grandmother who was to pass the answers to Sybella during her life in Thisworld.

Taller then her great grandmother Sybella was 9 years old when her Greatness Gram passed from thisworld. Gram has lived an amazing journey in her life during a remarkable time in history for thisworld. Her tiny foot smaller then Sybella's long before the loss.

Greatness Gram was a sparkeling woman of her day. An educated college professor in 1921! Her craft being home economics and a very wide and diverse circle of peers and associates all over the world.

Sybella's time to be with her great grandmother was near the end and while her conscience was young. Gram came to live and die with the family circle Sybella was born when she was still too young to recall.

Sybella a child known and called "intense" and imaginative felt and was blessed to find time to know her gram like no other person in Thisworld had. Together the wise well traveled woman and the magical child played together and, overlooked.

Time came one day when I recall the rain fell and it was quiet inside. Greatness Grams lap for me became smaller then before and I was filled with tears that fell in unison with the patter of rain. Wrath with sorrow that I would no longer fit quiet well there in her tiny arms.

It was that day she told me of the place Faery live, that she was bound to go because she had outlived her body home. I hear her voice in wake and slumber telling me stories of the journey she had taken. She told me secrets and how to and together we... for many days perhaps weeks, I only know from a child's memory.

We shared time enough. Time enough for me to know my name Sybella. Time enough for me to know enough to seek out more. I was given her Book of not titled in letters that could be read--but, filled with the magic of circles she held and spells and recipes she created.

During the years I have stood and watched when cousin and second cousin passed chance for one of Greatness Gram's heirlooms. Cast off for lack of space, considered cheep tourist junk collected by he many trips to far off places. Yes, I will take the art-deco this or that that Greatness found on that Journey to Ireland, to Argentina, to Asia not specified. Oh, yes I would like the gaudy jewel from that "era" with the funny looking symbol on it. Please, do let me accept her box of lost forgotten recipes Typed on 3x5 cards when type was much more prestigious then you notice.

I have managed to make sense of this all. It was placed into my conscience in a dream before I was once initiated. It was made real in the arms of Her when she touched my cheek and called my her Sybella... when as a child she winked to me when we sang Polly-Wally doodle all the day and she sang to my insides--Fare thee Well, Fare thee
Fare the well my Feri Fey...

Greatness Gram passed this on to me. With those times I spent with her--with the return of her magical items, with the knowing of her books and cards. She has made me know that she could see.