August 6, 2009

Secret Sidetrips

Sybella has not been her usual self for the last several weeks. Perhaps for the past three full moons in fact. The return of ChooseWell in her thoughts made he remember what it was like to be wisked away with passion and fire. And even with the fact of their lives NOT being permitted to be together--the memory of what it felt like to be the center of a mans passion and desire has been returning to the list of wants and needs she has for herself.

The past several months her need to be wanted and desired has outweighed nearly any other part of her life. She has been on a public mission to make herslef as fit and attractive as she can possibly becaome, with time passing so rapidly. At the same time she has been letting herself listen to the inappropriate words the lustful men in the kingdom like to say--thinking they might as well since the chance was very slim they would ever be permitted to actually live them out. With her anyway.

Her secret sidetrips into the kingdom for such attention has taken a great deal of time and energy--primping and having a very shiny twinkle doesn't just happen like magic even for a faerie it takes a little elbow-grease! Flittering around and listening to the men with only wanton desires takes a lot out of a faery princess Queen of the Castle! For that fact Sybella has been lacking the inspiration to spend much time thinking of how to write it...that and who would actually write of such things when it's her little secret?

Seems that now she has taken a little time and given herself some attention which did in fact result in nothing but positive implications for Sybella in her situation. It's really just as simple as the basic fact that in This World Sybella has a very nice life--but, can't be left to live it alone in a castle without someone there to notice her and look at her with that eye of want and desire. Just about the only think not perfect in her life--is the lake of passion and fire. Perhaps, the next few moons will see a change for the better in this area--with or without Her King being required? Or perhaps Her King might take notice and remember what caused him to make her his Queen in the first place.

It just remains to be seen what the Stars and the Sky have to say about the future. Will it be Her King who decides he will take notice, or one of the many in the kingdom whom already have noticed and made themselves clear?

July 30, 2009

Summer Faery Fun

Mount Pisgah Eugene OR
Sybella, is ready for a weekend away and looking forward to spending time in all the magic of the event! It has been a rapidly changing few moons with twists and turns of emotions a chance to fly free and enjoy the energy is just what she needs most. Especially, now that she is bringing along a dear friend with her.

View of Willamette River at Mount Pisgah, Eugene OR

Today is about the finishing touches on wings and checking to be sure she has her most cool outfits together. The temperatures have been hot lately and the retreat will be outdoors so Sybella wants to be sure she doesn't melt in the middle of the sun warmed weekend!

July 16, 2009

Lessons from the Castle Lion

The castle Lion, Tom-Junior seems to have a natural talent in finding the most effective way to spend the hot, sunny, summer days.

Sybella has been taking lessons and with the twists and turns of the past several months today is finding her own effective ways to spend a hot--sunny--summer day. The kind of day where nostalgia looms with memories of all the hot days past. Starting with those where sweat and dirt were most nice.

Music--of the moment:

July 10, 2009

Fairwell, ChooseWell

Summer's first full moon came with yet another twist of fate having build and become known. The seasons of this year passing rapid, yet slow Sybella faced what she hates most in life--Reality.

Sweet the voice and music her ChooseWell sang to her ear and heart--but, so too was it fate to dwell in the memory of times long past.

As quickly as the fire passion was reborn, the blue-drops of rain smothered with wet tears--sorrow born.

Sybella, magic brought back alive but a short time ago, awaken by her Knight ChooseWells voice.

Not heard or felt for years gone by, remembered, shared and re inspired. Miscommunication corrected, magic completed and she was standing...

The parting, best written as sweat sorrow.

June 28, 2009

Last Spring Sunset Fairwell

Sybella was able to sneak away from her obligations last weekend and find a moment to take these photos as the last spring sunset slipped away and the wheel of the year turned to the new season of summer.
Sybella, could not help but wonder what the new season had in store or where her feet would land as Summer came to be the season of her walk.

June 26, 2009

Into Summer

Just as the spring came with its twists and changes in Sybella's life in Thisworld the shift of the seasons to summer came with it's own! Clearly the mystery of springs journey to continue into the summer.

The first few long days of summers sunshine energy intensified with all the under current of of mystery of where this road is leading. Sybella, generally satisfied with routine and fine to live in automated step walks into the summer with her feet grounded and her mind in a complete knot of unexpected strings of thought. Out of her own comfort zone and on a path of unexpected passage.

Sybella recognizes she holds all the power over her own life and chooses to live in patience rather then wave her wand and make magic in a hasty moment. Her own intuition seeing the roads destination but knowing the implications of misdirected energy she continues to allow life to unfold before she makes any direction of her own powers. She knows that life is long in Thisworld and at this time there is no need or reason to push things. Simply to continue to watch those around her push their own ways.

The priorities and issues she once thought the most important just one season behind all thrown into the air. What was once her most important focus of attention now the least of her concerns. Those things she was once willing to sacrifice have become her most important passions. This is not the time for magic making it's the time for contemplating. And trusting of her own natural instincts.

June 16, 2009

Who Let Her Go?

Sybells has been testing the limits with Her King for the past several weeks. What she has learned is that Her King would rather give her beautiful gifts and pay the price then give her what she wants most. Attention...time...passion...

After the words she heard Her King speak last night, she suspects that someone will eventually have a reason to sing this song to her in the future. Sha, la, la, la

June 15, 2009

Never There

For well over 10 years Sybella has been singing the same kind of song to Her King. Flitting and twinkling all around trying to get his attention. Begging and crying and Waiting around to see if Her King might notice.

And, for the past month Sybella has Not Been. In fact, Sybella has decided to let Her King be the one to do the singing--or at least see if he notices the fact that now she the one who is Never There!

June 12, 2009

Three Moons of Thoughts

It had been an unexpected turn of events and emotions Sybella encountered when the cycle of the year turned to spring. All of her dreams, plans, and understanding shifted without notice as winter passed and with every new day of the season.
Her response to the sudden shift of personal perspective was to ground herself, and seek clarity and understanding before deciding the magic she would work.
Sybella gave herself three full moons of thought, and observation. Time for her emotions and understanding to go full circle. Time for the risk of irrational response to pass. She was wise for this effort and the time she offered herself in order to find balance.
Sybella was ready for the turn of the new season for the arrival of the Summer Solstice. Sybella was clear in her own mind, grounded in the purpose of her steps and filled with an energy she never imagined she would posses when the year had turned to spring.
For Sybella Spring of 2009 was filled with the birth of a new path. For clarity she was very quiet and wrote little as she allowed her mind and spirit to be filled rather than to spill it all out before her own understanding. Having taken these three moons for this purpose Sybella now stands ready to walk through the open doors she has found during her three moons of thoughts.

June 2, 2009

Sybella's Song for Today

21 Guns Green Day

Do you know what's worth fighting for,
When it's not worth dying for?
Does it take your breath away
And you feel yourself suffocating?
Does the pain weigh out the pride?
And you look for a place to hide?
Did someone break your heart inside?
You're in ruins

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms
Give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky,
You and I

When you're at the end of the road
And you lost all sense of control
And your thoughts have taken their toll
When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul
Your faith walks on broken glass
And the hangover doesn't pass
Nothing's ever built to last
You're in ruins.

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms
Give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky,
You and I

Did you try to live on your own
When you burned down the house and home?
Did you stand too close to the fire?
Like a liar looking for forgiveness from a stone

When it's time to live and let die
And you can't get another try
Something inside this heart has died
You're in ruins.

One, 21 guns
Lay down your arms
Give up the fight
One, 21 guns
Throw up your arms into the sky,
You and I

May 31, 2009

Watching and Listening

Sybella has spent the last several weeks seeing in a new way. Not rushing to decisions but, rather watching and listening from a new understanding. She should play poker with the skills she has to hold a straight face. It's in her general nature to let her feelings be seen and known by the expression on her face, and her body language. But, when the game is on she is amazed how she finds herself able to play with skill needed and hold a perfect poker-face.

Unless, it has nothing to do with holding the straight-face? Sybella, often wonders if it is not her skill but rather a fact that some people simply don't see or notice what she does show in the first place?

It would make sense that someone unable to see her in life, could be completely fooled during the game.

During the past several weeks Sybella held her straight face while keeping her eyes wide open, and her ears in tune with the reality of life being lived inside the castle walls. She backed-off, stepped out and allowed Her King to take charge of leading the tone. And, after his words about her as a mother she let him be the one to command authority with the Little Feet.

What she saw and heard during the past several weeks, watching and listening to Her King and her observations of his "better" way of authority with Little Feet was enlightening.

His "better" way of raising the Little Feet seemed empty and sterile at first. His approach to ignore any opportunity to nurture, or even talk to the Little Feet was the first moment Sybella felt anger about the words she had heard said to her from Her King. That he would consider the very fact that she spent time with the Little Feet and talked about the lessons of life they learned as they walked was seen as wrong in his eyes. Yet, to her heart she saw that he would want to raise the Little Feet with the same lack of passion she felt he had given her for all of these years.

What Sybella saw and heard from Her King was that his goals were the ones which mattered most. And, that his authority only started with anything that interfered with his goal of the moment. In most moments that being silence and order. When silence and order was broken, he stepped in with his authority and over the past several weeks Sybella can now understand why Her King would think the way he does of her.

During the past several weeks Sybella had been quiet, watching and listening, and keeping a straight face about the fact absent any real passion for life within the castle she had been feeling her own outside the castle. She learned that she did not like the way Her King wanted life to be inside the castle and that she was sure she could not live the life inside the castle forever in silence with order--unless, her spirit died too.

May 28, 2009


When Sybella first came to live in the Castle her breath was taken with the beauty of the woods that surrounded and the view of the mountains. However, she found the gardens of the castle grounds lacking in nearly every way and went about planning and planting to improve the situation.

Four springs ago Sybella's dear friend, Wendy was remodeling her castle and adding a new room. The addition displaced a lovely patio covered with bamboo woven together with Wisteria vines. Beautiful even in the winter, while bare of leaf and flowers, the patio cover became the perfect sight of love by mid-spring when in a sudden burst it woke up and showed life. As the season moved forward the patio covered with Wisteria became the perfect protection from the heat of the late summer sun. Sybella always enjoyed spending time with her friend sipping tea from mid-spring to fall sitting on the patio covered with Wisteria.

Wendy and Sybella wanted to keep this lovely place for their times together watching their Little Feet run and play in the water on a hot day. They wanted to keep their place where so many conversations and moments of memories had been made. The loss of this patio was heartbreaking for both! So, Wendy and Sybella set out to do their best to save the Wisteria plants and reduplicate the beautiful patio lost. It would very difficult to accomplish but together they knew they had to!

For several weeks Wendy and Sybella worked carefully to prune the Wisteria down to a manageable size plant. They studied plant care and propagation. They dug in the dirt with care for each root. And took the best steps they knew how to move the Wisteria Plants to new locations. At the same time they needed to plan for the reduplication. When the work was finished at Wendy's castle and enough of the plants moved to the position her new patio would be, there were two remaining plants which were given to Sybella as a reflection of the Love Wendy felt.

Sybella, plated one aside an arbor just outside the window of the castle great room. The perfect spot facing west where there was already and uncovered patio. Right in front of the large windows of the room. The wisteria providing the most wonderful shade and natural reconditioning for the hottest days of summer.

Sybella loves the Wisteria and her friend Wendy.

These photographs were taken May 28, 2009 by: Sybella

May 25, 2009

FaerieWorld 2009

Sybella was very happy today when she made plans to attend the FaerieWorlds event in Eugene, Oregon on July 31 ~ August 2, 2009!

Everyone has been suggesting she may need a break and some time doing the things she likes. Sybella was dancing and flittering around with the air all day after learning Her King had no problem with her plans to attend.

The rest of the day she thought of what she would bring, what she would dress in, and how absolutely excited she was about attending.

For more information about FaerieWorlds 2009 be sure to visit the website!

May 19, 2009

Twists of Perspective

Sybella is patient and while prone to flights of faery fae to the Otherworld has always done so grounded. She is not reactive in the moment, but rather deliberate instead. She knows that she has right to hold on and use her own power and determine the outcome of her own direction.

The fact she is deliberate is why her actions, choices, and words must reflect patience and passion. She is well aware of the fact no one has the right to make her less than she is, or deprive her of the spirit she is. Sybella will never die in her nature, it isn't possible--she is a dancer and cannot be held still where there is no music. She cannot twinkle when she isn't noticed.

These months of new awareness have been due a long time. Sybella is often struck by the new perspectives she gains when life adds a twist. Some might see this as hindsight and call it being 20/20 vision looking back. She sees it differently. Sybella sees where she chose to walk that path in the past--and where she made the choices she did. Each at the time for the right reasons--a new twist in life cause to appear with a different perception.

"So be it," is the lesson she learns.

...and, from there she moves on.

May 14, 2009

Reconecting ~ A beautiful video ~ I Believe

...And as usual Sybella allowed herself to fly free. She found passage to the Otherworld where she went to play, as a faery may be inclined to do. She was filled the intensity and energy upon her return to Thisworld and now takes time to reconnect, ground and renew.

Along her path she found this beautiful video:

Happy Birthday ChooseWell

May 10, 2009

And on the Full Moon of May

Sybella found herself not in her ordinary way of thinking.
She rested a time in a place she rarely does in life.

Sybella was unable to consider the needs of other's thinking.
She wanted for a place she rarely does in life.

Sybella had sat in the judgements of Her Kings thinking.
She hurt in a familiar place she rarely does in life.

Sybella stood up on the ground of her own thinking.
She went to a place she rarely does in life.

Sybella walked on the needs of her own thinking.
She took for herself what she rarely does in life.

and so be it.

On the full moon of this May, Sybella ChoseWell for her own needs.

May 8, 2009

Beltaine and the May Full Moon

The past few weeks had been very building. Sybella was astounded by the changes to take place in Thisworld in such a short time. Everything she understood a few short weeks ago had been turned completely around.

So many things happened and changed between the full moon of April and the full moon of May that Sybella had been wise to remain grounded and allow her own understanding to grow. It had been a wild spring strom of feelings, information and change that the calm of the spring and turn toward summer was the growing definition of her heart. Each spring change of weather brought a new insight for Sybella.

Overwhelmed with feelings and watching the beauty of the season Sybella had used the waxing moon to simply allow Thisworld to happen, as she walked herself in some Other world at the same time. She had not planned this month to unfold the way it had, nor had she any reason to know the past two would have lead to the priorities and plans she found herself considering.

In March Thisworld had been as it had for years of months before it. She had planned to be working on completely different projects with different plans yet the passing of days and the time of the year brought with it changes she was not certain would lead.

Sybella, has spent these days since Baltaine and to the May Full Moon in a cautions and deliborate state of thought, evealuation and reflection. Careful to only watch and listen as well as speak her truth and heart.

April 26, 2009

Flight to visit another Kingdom

Several weeks ago Sybella was invited to attend a meeting, a flight away, in another kingdom to discuss the ideas of her writing. Perhaps, one of the most important meetings in her life! Or at least in "her own" life in Thisworld.

For years she has put the needs of Her King, and the little feet above any need of her own. It was never a problem to place them above herself and watch as they each take part in the spirits of their own dreams and accomplishments. Never asking that any spotlight be given to her hearts desire. Not much expecting to be more then the wife of Her King or the mother of the little feet.

When invited to attend the meeting, a flight away, Her King decided it would be in his best interest to accompany her on this major trip. It was also decided that the prince and princess be brought along and taken for a visit to see TinkerBell. A Tinker Fairy most children recognize and adore. Considering that she lives but a few miles from the meeting place Sybella has been invited to it all seemed so logical at the time the plans were made.

This morning it seemed less logical to Sybella as she rushed around making certain everyone packed the things they would need during their visit to the Magical Kingdom. She noticed herself distracted over the issues of shoes and socks, hats and hair bows, and the wants and wishes of the people she has cared for with complete dedication. She noticed that her own needs appeared less important to anyone else. She noticed that the reason for the flight had been overshadowed by the excitement and wants of her family.

Sybella, did not allow this to dampen her spirit and has made sure to direct her attention to the truth of the trip for herself. As the hours approach for the time of the flight she is excited and nervous and above all else she is ready.

Confidence and support for this big adventure having been reinforced by the loving words sent her way from her ChooseWell as usual seemed to be more then enough to carry her through the ritual of planning and packing. She was ready to meet the important people, having been reminded during the past days of the fact that her own dreams in life matter. Having one person who remembered what this flight was about and that it was possibly the most important trip of her lifetime.

Sybella is ready and able standing in confidence built up and based on the words from the one who truly does love her. As this post is made, her family is ready for their own fun, she is ready for her adventure.

They will return in a few days, less than a week--Sybella has waited for this meeting since her childhood and will soon know if she has passed the test of being considered a master of the craft of words... It could happen at no better time with the waxing crescent moon and returning in time to celebrate Beltaine!

Mood Music

April 22, 2009

Her King Speaks

After the several weeks, and exchange of messages between Sybella and Kinght ChooseWell, she had finally found a balance from the emotional impact of it all. She had finally settled down and was starting to think more clearly. She had finally found peace with the idea that forever would not be too long to wait if there would ever be a day where she and he were free to love each other again.

Sybella, had made good use of the waining moon, had let go of the barrage of mixed feelings that had built during the waxing moon. She was feeling more herself and a peace with the fact that her love for ChooseWell would need to remain on the page of the messages they exchanged. And, satisfied that without the full right to love each other the messages would be enough for her.

Her feet were solid on the ground. Her thinking less up and down. Her attention returned to the details of the Now. It was enough to share the secret writing love affair with her ChooseWell. While unsure of the right or wrong of it, in her mind and heart she was still the faithful wife of Her King. She had done nothing physically to violate this fact. And, because Her King was a good man, she intended for it to remain a fact.

Sybella knew Her King needed her and loved her in the way he knew how. And, she was finally at peace with the idea that at least until the little feet of the princess and the prince had become able adults she would remain the faithful wife of Her King. He seemed happy with her, depended on her and would never survive the duty's of parenting the little feet without her.

She knew that while he was not able to ever give her the love or touch she had with ChooseWell, that at least she had the words from the one who did know how to love her. She would do her best to be happy with this double-life sort of thing. Her King with the responsibility of the day in and out of life...Her ChooseWell there with the words that gave chill to her neck for the sensitivity of understanding her like no other ever had or will.

For what she needed most was not simply the passion of lust but, much deeper then that. It had been born of friendship in the first place and grew with the passion of words they wrote together and the poetry of life they each seemed to see with the same eye and heart. Sybella had even been with him in the first place because of his passion for words and those words he had whispered in her ear during his rescue of her from the hands of the EvilOne.

What Sybella had not expected on this day was to hear the words of Her King. The man whom had said few during their 9 years together. The man who showed his love with gifts and money rather then attention and passion. Sybella had never in all of these weeks, or even the years they had shared detected that Her Kind had ever in anyway been displeased with her.

Had he sensed that she was carried away with thoughts of love and need for intimacy before he dropped boom on her? Had he noticed a change in her tone or attitude since she had made contact with ChooseWell? It was difficult to conclude by the words Her King offered tonight. Words spoken in loud voice with anger. Words she had never even suspected would be spoken to her and in such a way.

It did not seem possible he was feeling threat from an outsider. And, in thinking about the angry words spoken it was clear the matter had nothing to do with the relationship she shared with Her King and everything to to with Her as a Mother. He had waited months to address the root of his anger but, when he did so it was with violent air and hard voice the very things Sybella can face least.

The one thing Sybella had always made clear was that anger and loud voice were cause for her to run away as fast as possible. She had lived with these things in her childhood and even more with the EvilOne who held her captive for nearly 15 years. Even while courting when once Her King had raised voice in anger at some other person--Sybella ran from him fast as just the sound of it sends her to panic.

Why would Her King keep a criticism secret from her so long it boiled to hot words and was delivered with the shrill sound of the tea kettle whistle? Why would he have hidden his opinion of her as a mother for so long that he boiled without cause?

And, was continuing to walk in Thisworld and love in another even made possible because Her King had lacked passion for her. Did his lack of care for her make his heart ground for tilling judgement and scoring even for a problem he kept to himself?

Sybella, again found herself flooded with emotion and hurt. Had Her King respected her so little that he would not have spoken of his concerns for months and years only to stab her with it the moment there was something in the air happy with her? Why was this brought to her attention so late in the work of parenting the little feet? If he had cared and loved them all, would he have not wanted to address these concerns when they took place--rather then spend months and years keeping a tally of her failures?

Earth Day 2009

April 22, 2009~~~
Today is Earth Day, and Sybella has taken part in this day since she was in grade school. The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970 and as a young child living in southern California could not have been living in a more polluted place. Some of her most vivid memories were the hot summer days and the Smog Alerts that prevented play or meant that play would end that night with painful breathing due to smog damaged lungs.

When Earth Day started she was right there as one of the most inspired and willing to work children and nothing has changed about that in 39 years!

Today, as an adult when she returns to California on visits her observations are that there has been a reduction in the smog and that most younger people don't recall the scare of helicopters flying over their homes with megaphones telling them to go inside their home and breath through a wet wash cloth! While California will always have the lovely haze in the Los Angeles basin--Sybella, can notice the haze is not nearly as brown as her childhood. Progress has been made and that's something to be hopeful about.

On this earth day, Sybella is planting 3 trees in the yards of the elderly neighbors and has donated 3 cases of energy efficient light bulbs to the local food bank asking that they be included with the boxes they distribute to the needy citizens of the kingdom. Logic tells Sybella those families in need of help with food are more likely to not be able to purchase the higher cost light bulbs so sending them with the food boxes seems a good way to contribute where the need is the greatest.

Tonight the family will celebrate Earth Day by eating our supper of food given to us from the earth and by sharing our ideas to become even more diligent with our efforts to do our part where we can to take care of our earth.

If you want to know more about Earth Day 2009 Sybella suggests you
Click Here.

April 21, 2009

Au Gratin Potatoes

One of Sybella's favorite recipes for potatoes is the basic Au Gratin method. Perhaps because this recipe can be dressed Up or served in it's most simple form and still taste wonderful. I can also be made more or less rich.

Basic Au Gratin Potatoes

10-15 Potatoes--pealed and sliced thin, be sure to rinse the sliced potatoes very well.

1/2 Cups diced Onions

1/4 Chopped fresh parsley

1/4 to 1/2 Cups Butter (or such)--Sliced into wedges

1/4 to 1/2 Cup Flour

Several Pinches of Salt and Pepper.

These ingredients are to be layered into a baking dish. Start with a few of the butter slices and then pile on the potato slices--the goal is to create 3-4 layers. Sprinkle some Onions, parsley and a pinch of the salt and pepper on top of the potatoes. Then dust everything with the flour. Continue making layers until everything is in the pan. Pour Milk over the whole dish until the potatoes are covered and soaking in the milk.

Bake in 350 degree oven until the potatoes have soaked in all the milk and the top browns.

To Spice it Up

Just about anything can be added:




Chicken and,

Mushrooms are all some of Sybella's favorites.

This recipe may also be made with Cream, or canned milk.

April 20, 2009

The Castle Kitchen

Sybella enjoys growing her garden for more then the simple joy it is to be outdoors. When it comes to growing the plants that will be served for feasts and meals she takes even more joy because in the end she will be the one to prepare the food her plants create.

During the difficult economic times int the kingdom it's wise for people to learn the way things were done in the past--before the new traditions replaced the old. It's probably why there are these kinds of times!

In Thisworld it is very easy to become dependent on easy cook meals, restaurants and microwave ovens to provide our families with nutrition. The poor economy may just be what is needed to inspire more people to plant a garden or dig out the old recipe box and start actually cooking!

Think of all the lost memories of our mother's and grandmother's if the special dishes they were known for...don't come frozen in a box? Sybella has always enjoyed witnessing the people she loves and cares about enjoy the results of her garden and the way she cooks. And she has always enjoyed the recipes left behind in her Greatness Gram's box.

As board as Sybella has been with the day out and day in of it... she thought perhaps there might be a way to share Greatness Gram's recipes with the citizens in the kingdom who may not have such a box of their own.

She decided to submit some of her great grandmothers recipes to the editor of the weekly paper just as her great grandmother had nearly a hundred years ago! Well, actually it was only 85 years ago but may as well have been a hundred! To her surprise and delight she was offered a weekly column in the paper and the editor asked if she would like to call it "The Castle Kitchen"

Sybella, being a crafter of words, would never pass chance to be published, paid or not! She would have a byline and for some writers the byline is all that matters!

Of course, in reality Sybella started out wanting to help the people in her kingdom learn to grow and prepare food, and share her great grandmothers Magic with them. It was just the added blessing of the byline that caused Sybella to be satisfied with the handing down of traditions many in Thisworld have not learned or have forgotten.

Today, she has been busy planning and gathering the supplies she needs to create a wonderful weekly column in the newspaper--sharing grams magic. Her first deadline is tonight!

Her own Spring Rain

Monday, April 20, 2009 ~~~
This spring morning broke bright filled with the light of a new day. Yet, Sybella woke slowly still wanting to remain in her dreams. Knowing that to walk through another day would bring with it the mix of joy, sorrow of the past, and reality of the fact she was the wife of Her King.

Knight ChooseWell and Sybella's exchange of words had revealed not only had he beaten the Dragon, but that he had thought of Sybella the whole time, as she had thought of ChooseWell every moment since he left for the battle.

Sybella's messages started out guarded and appropriate for the wife of Her King. She informed ChooseWell that her life was - different now. That she was the wife or Her King and that he was a good king, had not once hurt her, and was an honorable man. Sybella let ChooseWell know that she and Her King had adopted children from the kingdom and that her obligations to her adopted children were as all important as to the children he knew born to her as the wife of the EvilOne.

Sybella's messages also could not help but express her pain for the loss of him. She had never stopped looking out the windows to see if she might spot him walking without knowing due to the effects of the dragon smoke...that she had looked for him to be made a Hero by beating the ugly dragon and living the life of a hero today. That not a day had passed she had not thought of him.

Sybella asked how many years he was at war with the dragon? How long had he suffered the mind altering effects of the dragon smoke?

ChooseWell had answered, and his answer is reason this beautiful spring day filled with sunshine was like the most cold and dark winter morning.

Sybella, learned that ChooseWell had not returned to her because he thought his battle with the dragon had turned her love for him to hate. That he did not return because he believed he had lost Sybella. ChooseWell wrote to Sybella that he did not think he was welcome to return to her.

Knowing this was cause for rain today and Sybella only has her own tears to cause clouds.

A long, busy weekend and understanding for Sybella

She had not expected it a month ago. She had not thought her Knight ChooseWell survived the fight with the dragon. The years their fingertips touched before separated was nearly twelve years past. Her life was perfect as far as she could tell.

Her life was what any woman would far as she could tell.

Until, she heard from her ChooseWell, and since she had now, her life will never be the same.

Since finding one another Sybella and ChooseWell have yet to see each other--they have not even heard the voice of the other in all of these many years. They did not bump into each other on the streets or in the market. ChooseWell, searched for Sybella...and she was informed of his search. For whatever reason the wife of a King would have--Sybella responded to her Knights Search and accepted his messages.

At the moment Sybella, felt strong and satisfied in the way she had literally Picked Her King and Got him. Any woman with that kind of magic should be strong enough to be happy when she got what she wanted. At the moment, she didn't even realize what she had done.

Sybella, responded unaware that when she did so, she would become aware and understand far more then she expected. She did not know what she did not know and not knowing became a spiritual and emotional journey she never imagined.

It took but, only a few exchanges of words, one to the other, before Sybella realized the profound implications of the situation. It was for but a few words from ChooseWell that she stood face to surrender to the one truth she had never denied...

It was just that it was in the words from her Knight that caused Sybella to crash right into the fact that she and he were absolutely part of the same bolt of lightning.

It did not appear to matter their eyes had not touched--or their voices not yet greeted one another after the years seperated. It was that the kind of love Sybella and ChooseWell had know was the kind only known by the poets of it.

By mere exchange of their words--ChooseWell and Sybella had always been poetry together. Within the exchange of but a few letters their poetry picked up right where it had stopped when ChooseWell had left her to fight his dragon.

Not exactly, where Sybella, the wife of Her King had ever much expected to find herself, especially with no advance notice.

With the whirl-wind of it all, it appears Sybella is making sense of it all now. And apparently ready to take her steps toward the next bend in her path.

April 17, 2009

Sybella's Friday Flight ~ Journey to the Capital

Today Sybella went to see the Senator of the people in her Kingdom. It was a beautiful day. Started with the mist and ending with the sun.

April 16, 2009

Sybella a Fae TWithchy

Another morning, with the sunlight greeting Sybella through her chamber windows. As lonely as it is for her to live alone with Her King in the beautiful castle she does find it's comforts, indulgences, and royal qualities to be quite seductive.

To wake, with near full circle of the morning light has an unbelievable effect on her entire day. With exception of the routine facts of life, the kiss of the strong, hot sun each morning has a trance like effect, ALL OVER Sybella!

With the fact, of the season of the year, morning dawns with the coldest of winds, and the heat of the sun so wanting to cause the cold to submit, surrender, take the wind!

Sybella, wakes these cold mornings with the knowing that by the end of the day she WILL feel the heat of the sun--even if only for a moment... if, only in the dreams of her own mind. She simply cannot resist the effort of the early spring sun...and the struggle of it all.

At this time of the season, Sybella finds her own chambers can be filled with all the tools, and luxuries any winter weary fea could dream during the submission she so loves as summer tries to take her winter lonely all away...

The word crafter in her could not resist the need to allow Sybella not only time and priveledge to lounge in the pleasure of watching and feeling the sun try so hard, but also a place to allow herself to let her TWitchy side out for the morning... She had thought to write a new page and let that part of the fae she is free... but, then felt lead to use a completely different notebook and mark it clear "Fiction." Noted too a top a new page...keeping these words locked in her magic box just to be sure the wrong eyes didn't happen to take read.

She just had to find a place to let herself be TWitchy and thought to write a story about the world that happens in her own Chambers... and then decided to go take a long soak in the royal bath.

April 14, 2009

Spring Sky Above the Castle

April 14, 2009 ~ Pacific Northwest ~ Between Mt. St. Helens, and the Columbia River Gorge.

Photography by: Sybella April 2009

Sybellas Sky

Spring Sky

Sky and Clouds

Perfect Protection

For a crafter of words the mere sight of blank page is cause to fill it. Sybella has always found the seduction of empty white space impossible to avoid filling. As in all things however the word often cuts two ways. Some beautiful splendid words of awesome wonder may fall on page...also too however some words are quite the other.

Sybella by mere necessity of free expression learned many years ago, while still a child that some words are not wise left in open sight of the wrong eyes.

For many times the discovery of the print on page has burned her at the stake of another's authority! As an innocent young Faery some words found by her parents struck fear to their very foot! They had seen far too much of the Sybella Faery Fey to even know true or not one word found. And, as Sybella became electric with Life her words were often very grounding!

Or, as once the case--ending of the dance of youths first young love. Drat, that her mother had to discover the words written by imagination rebellion.

She had after-all at that step of life in Thisworld, not yet even flashed more then mere twinkle... however, her words found said quite a different story. It was that episode of youthful learning Sybella found charm to continue her writing--and not be mistaken as of Thisworld.

She discovered one word written top the page was the Bridge to the Otherworld of Words Freedom. Sybella, found in the still of the night, under the light of the moon a word that would become her dome of perfect protection.

The word was simple: FICTION

Sybella had innocently discovered a magic key which would unlock ALL the Doors for flights of faery fancy to last the rest of her time in Thisworld. Sybella had discovered the shield of her freedom written and the circle of it's protection.

Sybella's discovery was so much Power she should have blown to the Otherworld right that moment! Instead, she choose to hold it keep it and not allow herself to give it out in release--not like a Witch does. Not to the world Above and Not to the world Under--Sybella stored the power where it would make the magic only a faery knows to cause travel to the Otherworld, of Ecstasy.

Pity, the witch would just give it away...

The Opened Box

Sybella was kissed by the light of the morning sun, and woke early to take in the dawn of a new day. The perfect quite as all in Thisworld pause breath for the moment of splendor in the sky and, a peek of the days mood. This morning broke beautiful.

This day, the measure of time having past for her to regain balance and sense of it all. To be reminded of every thought of Knight ChooseWell, to recall her heart of love. All of it had been brought to life so unexpectedly, Sybella was caught surprised. But, also too made alive.

It had only been matter of days, since the message had been delivered. Sybella knew it was like touching fire to even open the envelope she found in hand from his. Even the sight of name caused her heart to skip a beat. And, every one knows a faery cannot resist the want of thoughts from those whom notice her twinkle--and followed her.

It is common knowledge that a faery could never resist her fancy flight of fey! To even try would steel every sparkle of her charm away. If not common knowledge it should be, fact a feary cannot flitter off without knowing...

She had to read the message, of course.

...and then as each word of it entered her eye, she woke up inside. Like the open bud of this day's Calilliy filled her eye this dawn. The effects of it were as if two parts of the same bolt of lightning had found each other again--long past the distraction of the storm.

Sybella, could not bar the message from her Knight ChooseWell. To do so would kill a faery. Or at least it would kill Sybella.

It was Her Knight! The message was from the other half of lightning she is.

And, when she read the message received from Her ChooseWell--she whole recalled--it was he whom had set her free from the box once held and locked in by the EvilOne.

It was Her ChooseWell that came in light of day to unlock the box and set her free.

Sybella had lived many tears of pain, hurt and nearly lost her twinkle all together during the long years--frozen fear--in the box locked tight by the EvilOne whom had caught her.

She had not once asked, a Knight for help, even while often she wanted too. She had not dare ask of any to put foot between. She could not be root of pain for any other and was told by a star as a child, that the He of Her would See Her without her asking of him.

She has been reminded by the frogs as a young faery that she would not need twinkle or flitter or even ask of the other half of her to See who she was.

ChooseWell, saw Sybella first sight. From then he knew and went forward and opened the box Sybella had been locked inside for 15 years of her life in Thisworld.

How would any expect that Sybella would not let into her eye the words of such in her life?

April 13, 2009

And Sybella Wrote:

ChooseWell my love the breath of me,
Time passes eternity.

Awake to me my love,
Awake to this day of us,
Awake to take charge the path of us once more.

ChooseWell, my love my spirits soul,
Parted an eternity.

Awake to me my memory,
Awake to this day of us.
Awake to take charge the path of us once more.

ChooseWell, the life of me
My heartbeat eternity.

Awake to me the breath of life.
Awake to this day of us.
Awake to take charge the path of us once more.

ChooseWell, the soul of me,
I love thee for eternity.

Awake to me my lips wait thee.
Awake to this day of us.
Awake to take charge the path of us once more.


Word Craft ~ Free Writing

It starts the way the words decide they would want to be written. Sybella has different rituals depending on the words wanting to be put down. If they want to be words boring and dull for the buttering of bread--well then she starts that ritual with lots of coffee and turns around three times before setting a timer and just dumping the words that come out.

Other times, Sybella finds words that would like to be written in a little different way. Perhaps, angry for a situation in Thisworld, or maybe words that would like to say she was hurt or happy. The words may want to tell of a journey or an experience. Sybella can choose to write the words the way they decide to be written. In order to do so however she must be able to listen to them.

Her rituals are varied and the rules of it all are not nearly as important as moving with what the words want to say. Who knows what that could be with Sybella so how could there be one ritual for words yet to be written?

Sybella lets the words unwritten show their way. Her ritual must allow her to naturally move through finding the words and allowing them to leave her fingertips to show themselves on the page. Of course, as they make themselves Seen there may be cause to shift or break her current thought for direction and often, Sybella finds her written words say more then she expected.

There is not a way to make strict ritual for something that has not yet been written. The writing itself may say the next step in the ritual. It would be very frustrating for the words to get out if due to outline the crafter not permitted to go with what they say.

Sybella uses many tools to work her craft of words. Music playing is one and her most favorite. She may shift from one thought to another and transition by taking a bath, relaxing and letting thought run free. Taking the feel of the day away--or making them more real.

There is however one ritual she uses to allow the words to take shape and form. Well practiced by any word crafter of repute. The secular word crafters may call it an exercise, Sybella calls it FreeWriting.

There are only a few rules she has for the FreeWrite of words:
1- Position and equipment (nice pen and ample paper--or laptop depends on the words to be written)
2- Grounding always and the correct space to write the words to be written.
3- A timer set for 9 minutes. (or more depending)

Set up the tools, in the space to write the words that need to be written. Ground--and then visualize, meditate and build the energy for the words wanting to be put to page. Turn the timer on and Write the words.

Sometimes FreeWriting is to get an idea out or the first ideas out for a certain topic. Good for the block of words.

Sometimes it is for the drill of it--to put things in order, to go from one point to the next with the words of it.

Sometimes it is to Let it Be Written. A good way to put it down in the black and white of it.

Sometimes it is to tell it.

Sometimes it is to be done with it.

Sometimes it is to give it away.

Sometimes it is to keep it most secret.

Sometimes it is for flight faery fey.

Word Path

~~~ It is not often as Sybella moves in Thisworld she is lost for way. Direction has in general been instinctive for her feet. Lead by intuition, knowing and the blessings of internal compass, Sybella rarely stands with question.

On this day, Sybella is at such a place. The spot where others with the gift of word have often written. Of such written words she most treasures being those of paths taken and paths not, of crossroads, bridges and ways. Unwritten maps.

For well, it is Sybella knows a writer writes the way.

...and of that the writer also knows the words will tell the path.~~~

April 11, 2009

Sybella's Knight ChooseWell.

Saturday, April 11, 2009~~

Sybella, spent the morning reading. Looking over the everything that had been Blessed to her knowing during the waxing Moon. The night before had been first slight of waining and there was so much to list of letting go. While during full Sybella had been Full and Bright for the Seeing. For the receiving... knowing and understanding of it All.

Thisworld seemed not to be. That it was the actual Otherworld instead.

As full as the Moon became Sybella was not able to find place to let all power leave--she was playing magic when no one could see. She was not able to help herself--she wanted to help it...she cannot because for Sybella it is how you live so intense as she does. It's just Sybella in Thisworld. She just knows the way to Ecstasy and where it is the Otherworld for even only a moment.

This full Moon Sybella was made to face--full knowing of many things. Many new things Clear without misunderstanding or confusion. She had been able to hold herself and ground to the earth before she took complete flight of spirit.

Long ago she had accepted the loss of her love... parted by the evil smoke of the dragon. Sybella, knew his journey from the effects of the dragon smoke on his body, mind, soul of him, would take perhaps a lifetime.

He the love of her... the Knight ChooseWell. Having battled once for her honor, he had completely come to her aid and lead her way from the bind as the wife of an EvilOne.

April 10, 2009

The Day Dance

Friday 09April 10, 2009~

It has been a very day of dance for Sybella. After the morning flitting and twinkle...dusting and being that kind of Faery for Her King he was not distracted one moment from his kingdom. The work of a king seems never done.

At high noon Her King had business with the Capitalists and and left with cape and crown--a dash to his carriage. Sybella, called out the window and bid Her King, "Merry Part."

Her King nodded back, and left with not a word, a rush away...

When the carriage pulled from the castle drive behind there left the proof of his leave with creation of light clouds of dust. The perfect, path Her King had taken marked far as eye could see... to be expected at the end of the hot summer with the dirt of it all, but not usual on the wet of an early spring noon.

Sybella, fell slow for thought of what she wished Her King had said--or did, or Seen as he left her alone again in the beautiful perfect castle--empty.

There is not better way to make Sybella's heart too heavy for her wings to lift than to flitter and twinkle without any kind of notice at all. She is the kind that wants you to See the Flit and Twink just enough to follow her.

How can a faery be followed fail notice?

A Faery can even get notice of a blind one... It takes more of a Flutter than a Flitter. One needs to see a flitter but a flutter is of wing wiggle on the cheek...or neck. However, some without sight of eye can see in eye of spirit the flitter and have been known to catch of it by surprise to both of us!

Twinkle is always effective Well, always except maybe for Her King...and he does see with his eyes.

Sybella, was small and tiny left in the empty castle again. Not Seen again like most every other day. But, this time she was not of weak wings long. It's just now--what is--with Her King, and while left in the empty castle it is becoming Her Domain... and this day she danced with spirit of fancy...

What can a Faery Do?

Friday April 10, 2009

Sybella was in flight of fey and song and dance all morning. Going about the castle with filtering and twinkle... Her King home for holiday before the feast unaware the magic beneath his feet. Not even the patter of little feet to distract, as both were gone from the castle to learn their own crafts.

The King should have want for Sybella when free... ?

She flitted by, and twinkled a twinkle. Like a desperate needy Faery fey...

The King's ears could not hear the songs, his heart not feel the dance and his eyes saw through Sybella past her to the day. Sybella, knew it would be that way--the King does not take much notice and rather sees her flight as worthless fancy.

Sybella, just sometimes needs to triple-check that she is not the reason for the lack of attention from her King--it is him. For whatever reason, he is not entranced with the Faery he has...The one he was rite to keep bound within the walls and stone of His Castle... Every King with any merit should have a faery like Sybella--for her King to have her is the matter, the rest is not.

Sybella, would fly away if her King were made of rot! But, the truth be told her King is not guilty of any crime to anyone including Sybella, lest neglect of her counts much.

Oh, not neglect by failure to provide splendid wealth, jewels, trips, shows of it... Her King has handsome treasures of things in life and deprives Sybella of not one thing his Ransom might buy for her presence... But, his want of her presence is but that she sleep in his castle...even if alone. Her presence is the want but only for the tally of his riches.

He keeps her in a golden box upon the shelf of the fire mantel... Not far from the other signs of the King He Is. The Wall of Honor and Claim any good King keeps is front of the Castle not far from the entry to room of his throne. This allows those whom seek the attention of the King to make note of the King they see. It is very impressive and for him--Sybella is by far one of the highly esteemed assets in The King's lot.

It is a nice way to make the Castle a Home...or, appear to be anyway. What quest to call would note any right Sybella to say anything other then, "Why yes, thank you so much My King is so deserving of the great Honor for which he shares not only with family but with the commoners as well. I have no call to be displeased with the Honor of my King."

So, not only is Sybella not seen by her King--but, those who do see her see a trick of magic conjured by her King himself. Not everything is what one may think they see--is not the first lesson for the magician?

Her King's magic however is of the muse or is it the wide-known art of smoke and mirrors, rather then the magic of the spirit.

Sybella, sighs to think it is not her King's fault for it. Some simply cannot SEE in life what she does.....

Firday Flights.

Friday ~ April 10, 2009
This morning Sybella woke fresh and wide open for the day. The early peek at spring with the heat of the sun this week was a Blessing. Enough so, the return of clouds and rain can be received as sacrifice for what is to come. The fullness of spring and the passion of summer to follow.

Sybella, has been enjoying the music of her writing space--the place she flys with faery fancy. It might be a wise idea sometime to split her music into some kind of organized groups since the playlist right now is rather, diverse-ish.

For Sybella music just has No Rules at all. One of her drugs of choice to be sure. The castle is so filled with the sounds of Sybella's music and dance it is something that all in the walls also take in... the children are especially affected. The little sparkles both feel music naturally and beg of it often. It is a regular part of the day in life to have dance with them or drum together the castle is most magic during the times of no talking, but singing and moving... Of course, the playlist on her blog here has Sybella's own music which--some should just stay her private song.

Today, with the clouds and the cool it is a nice day for Sybella to dance and sing as she keeps her castle tidy, and dusted with all of the pixie dust she can find for this time of year. There will be a feast this Sunday--eggs and all the what everyone does stuff...

Sybella, has plan to play her list start to end and and fly the work of the day beginning to end of it. This would be best method to discern which songs go where and if need of additional songs are required?

...Are we Human... or are we Dancers?

Friday April 10,2009

All day Thursday, Sybella was in the music of life dancing and floating a bit now and then... with light feet and spirit. She made a few CD's to play on the go... And just had to get the whole Killers Album from ITunes just to have the Video of Human. And watch it about 9 times or more.

Then just wanted to share it with everyone she just really loves this song... Seems like such a real feeling a real moment... Sybella is a dancer...

The words of this song seem so right now for Sybella at this stage of the journey... are we human, or are we dancers? The video is pretty good really she thinks the animals are amazing to the eye...

Sybella is happy to have taken the time to add the music play list, now it can be there and shared...

April 8, 2009

Light of Day and Full of Moon

This day has turned to be "very" for Sybella. And when the day is "vary" it's just enough to say!

Sybella, was well aware of the waxing of this moon for her. Oh, the Springs first full Moon is always such intensity! Maybe perhaps the truth is that Sybella needs to practice as the next few months to summer are generally, very fey for Faery Sybella!

It is not mistake-but, magic of that so often the writer speaks of such things about Spring. Even in the secular world! "Spring is when a young man's fancy turns to...." oh, fey thee my heart!

It must be the "type" or perhaps the "personality" of the Faery that is quite different one from the other. I have studied the whole Nurture" vs. "Nature" thing and don't buy that any one Faery could ever be Nurtured to be what that Faery does not just Know to be. There just is no possible way anyone could have Made Sybella any other type of Faery then she is and always has been! Nurture all thee like--it is only Nature for Sybella.

Sybella is the "flitting" and "twinkle" type. The Faery that only the right eye can see. Rare, she is caught in a flit and more rare to be spotted in a twinkle. The type that most people hear told by fable or tale but, never have more then a flit or twink here or there as any proof.

Rare to be spotted however, does in no way mean Sybella has gone unnoticed. Only one time ever did a sticky little boy catch her in flight. I mean the actual 5 year old real sticky little boy kind and that was the last time Sybella twinkled a little too much around one of them. Way to young...way, way, way too young to Flit around!

So without having her flitting skill she was stuck in a box three days and three nights! And Touched by a boy man who needs some big lessons! He did offer Air and lettuce so it was enough but, Still! She does not like to twinkle in the company of those she cannot Filt in front of--that is half of her charm!

Still, even the Faery needs Grounding. It would just be too simple to flitter too high if it were not the law of nature that what goes up must come down...or is it ever action has and equal and opposite reaction? Sybella doesn't much care about the science of it all--she does just have way of finding.

Before the Sun was gone from the day, the moon was made full. AT Last! It was most perfect the evening and Sybella did plant the starts of her seedlings for plantings in her Gardens. Each in the most scientifically perfectly designed modern way. Those little starter sets sold at any old store do make perfect the environments base!

With Sybella however there can always be improvements so, what sold to all from the store--can be transformed into what Sybella would want of it. This planting has sure been given much of the will for her want of it. Blessed are the beds which were tended and readied under the light of both the Sun and in view of the waxing Moon...three days, of work and all three under both!

To plant these new lives as the Moon reached full while still warm of the Sun was the most splendid time of the day. It was a "very" to the night of it...