July 10, 2009

Fairwell, ChooseWell

Summer's first full moon came with yet another twist of fate having build and become known. The seasons of this year passing rapid, yet slow Sybella faced what she hates most in life--Reality.

Sweet the voice and music her ChooseWell sang to her ear and heart--but, so too was it fate to dwell in the memory of times long past.

As quickly as the fire passion was reborn, the blue-drops of rain smothered with wet tears--sorrow born.

Sybella, magic brought back alive but a short time ago, awaken by her Knight ChooseWells voice.

Not heard or felt for years gone by, remembered, shared and re inspired. Miscommunication corrected, magic completed and she was standing...

The parting, best written as sweat sorrow.

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