August 17, 2010

Lost Poem

In one of the boxes of papers from her past, Sybella found a poem she had written many years ago... When she was young and still the possession of The EvilOne.

A Person In My Life
May, 1988

If there should ever be a person in my life who sees me for what I could be forced to be, and not for who I am--then I could never be myself for him.

If I entrust my heart, my purity, and my fidelity to one, only to see it returned in opposite form--then I could not trust that one the way it was meant to be.

If I am always there for him, in his time of need, and find myself alone when I am down--then comfort would be impossible to provide or be found.

If the hands that held me in love, ever struck me in rage and caused me pain--for any reason--that pain would be what I feel whenever held again.

If that part of me meant to be a gift of pleasure is taken against my will or given by obligation--then I would not have pleasure as a gift to offer anymore.

If the person in my life cannot accept me as I am, or honor the trust I have, or comfort me in my pain... If his hands could ever hurt me or take from me without my consent--Then I would not have the Life I believe love should represent.

January 30, 2010

Returning from Her Adventures

There hasn't been too much to write about Sybella during the last several moons. Her behavior has been a bit of a mystery in many ways--yet, public and completely clear in other ways.

There has actually been a huge amount to write about during the last several months but, Sybella asked me to keep it on the down-low... to give her some time to spread her wings and make some choices that needed making.

Seems she has enjoyed some time in other worlds during the past few months. Been flittering and fluttering herself about--looking for attention from here and there. She has been working hard, making progress and enjoying the fruits of her labors.

The turn of the year and the events that took place were not expected. Sybella didn't think she would be standing in the place she finds herself today, a year ago. It was one of those eventful years for Sybella.

Took a little time for Sybella to come to terms with reality in This World. Something a faery has to do once in awhile. The next few moons are bound to be interesting--transforming--amazing... Seems, every step of life in This World somehow turns out to be amazing for Sybella.

Seems there is a lot of writing to catch up on, and some story to TELL about the adventures of the past several moons, Sybella has had some amazing adventures and been electrified for her journey's. It will be interesting to catch-up with her Faery Tell.