May 31, 2009

Watching and Listening

Sybella has spent the last several weeks seeing in a new way. Not rushing to decisions but, rather watching and listening from a new understanding. She should play poker with the skills she has to hold a straight face. It's in her general nature to let her feelings be seen and known by the expression on her face, and her body language. But, when the game is on she is amazed how she finds herself able to play with skill needed and hold a perfect poker-face.

Unless, it has nothing to do with holding the straight-face? Sybella, often wonders if it is not her skill but rather a fact that some people simply don't see or notice what she does show in the first place?

It would make sense that someone unable to see her in life, could be completely fooled during the game.

During the past several weeks Sybella held her straight face while keeping her eyes wide open, and her ears in tune with the reality of life being lived inside the castle walls. She backed-off, stepped out and allowed Her King to take charge of leading the tone. And, after his words about her as a mother she let him be the one to command authority with the Little Feet.

What she saw and heard during the past several weeks, watching and listening to Her King and her observations of his "better" way of authority with Little Feet was enlightening.

His "better" way of raising the Little Feet seemed empty and sterile at first. His approach to ignore any opportunity to nurture, or even talk to the Little Feet was the first moment Sybella felt anger about the words she had heard said to her from Her King. That he would consider the very fact that she spent time with the Little Feet and talked about the lessons of life they learned as they walked was seen as wrong in his eyes. Yet, to her heart she saw that he would want to raise the Little Feet with the same lack of passion she felt he had given her for all of these years.

What Sybella saw and heard from Her King was that his goals were the ones which mattered most. And, that his authority only started with anything that interfered with his goal of the moment. In most moments that being silence and order. When silence and order was broken, he stepped in with his authority and over the past several weeks Sybella can now understand why Her King would think the way he does of her.

During the past several weeks Sybella had been quiet, watching and listening, and keeping a straight face about the fact absent any real passion for life within the castle she had been feeling her own outside the castle. She learned that she did not like the way Her King wanted life to be inside the castle and that she was sure she could not live the life inside the castle forever in silence with order--unless, her spirit died too.

May 28, 2009


When Sybella first came to live in the Castle her breath was taken with the beauty of the woods that surrounded and the view of the mountains. However, she found the gardens of the castle grounds lacking in nearly every way and went about planning and planting to improve the situation.

Four springs ago Sybella's dear friend, Wendy was remodeling her castle and adding a new room. The addition displaced a lovely patio covered with bamboo woven together with Wisteria vines. Beautiful even in the winter, while bare of leaf and flowers, the patio cover became the perfect sight of love by mid-spring when in a sudden burst it woke up and showed life. As the season moved forward the patio covered with Wisteria became the perfect protection from the heat of the late summer sun. Sybella always enjoyed spending time with her friend sipping tea from mid-spring to fall sitting on the patio covered with Wisteria.

Wendy and Sybella wanted to keep this lovely place for their times together watching their Little Feet run and play in the water on a hot day. They wanted to keep their place where so many conversations and moments of memories had been made. The loss of this patio was heartbreaking for both! So, Wendy and Sybella set out to do their best to save the Wisteria plants and reduplicate the beautiful patio lost. It would very difficult to accomplish but together they knew they had to!

For several weeks Wendy and Sybella worked carefully to prune the Wisteria down to a manageable size plant. They studied plant care and propagation. They dug in the dirt with care for each root. And took the best steps they knew how to move the Wisteria Plants to new locations. At the same time they needed to plan for the reduplication. When the work was finished at Wendy's castle and enough of the plants moved to the position her new patio would be, there were two remaining plants which were given to Sybella as a reflection of the Love Wendy felt.

Sybella, plated one aside an arbor just outside the window of the castle great room. The perfect spot facing west where there was already and uncovered patio. Right in front of the large windows of the room. The wisteria providing the most wonderful shade and natural reconditioning for the hottest days of summer.

Sybella loves the Wisteria and her friend Wendy.

These photographs were taken May 28, 2009 by: Sybella

May 25, 2009

FaerieWorld 2009

Sybella was very happy today when she made plans to attend the FaerieWorlds event in Eugene, Oregon on July 31 ~ August 2, 2009!

Everyone has been suggesting she may need a break and some time doing the things she likes. Sybella was dancing and flittering around with the air all day after learning Her King had no problem with her plans to attend.

The rest of the day she thought of what she would bring, what she would dress in, and how absolutely excited she was about attending.

For more information about FaerieWorlds 2009 be sure to visit the website!

May 19, 2009

Twists of Perspective

Sybella is patient and while prone to flights of faery fae to the Otherworld has always done so grounded. She is not reactive in the moment, but rather deliberate instead. She knows that she has right to hold on and use her own power and determine the outcome of her own direction.

The fact she is deliberate is why her actions, choices, and words must reflect patience and passion. She is well aware of the fact no one has the right to make her less than she is, or deprive her of the spirit she is. Sybella will never die in her nature, it isn't possible--she is a dancer and cannot be held still where there is no music. She cannot twinkle when she isn't noticed.

These months of new awareness have been due a long time. Sybella is often struck by the new perspectives she gains when life adds a twist. Some might see this as hindsight and call it being 20/20 vision looking back. She sees it differently. Sybella sees where she chose to walk that path in the past--and where she made the choices she did. Each at the time for the right reasons--a new twist in life cause to appear with a different perception.

"So be it," is the lesson she learns.

...and, from there she moves on.

May 14, 2009

Reconecting ~ A beautiful video ~ I Believe

...And as usual Sybella allowed herself to fly free. She found passage to the Otherworld where she went to play, as a faery may be inclined to do. She was filled the intensity and energy upon her return to Thisworld and now takes time to reconnect, ground and renew.

Along her path she found this beautiful video:

Happy Birthday ChooseWell

May 10, 2009

And on the Full Moon of May

Sybella found herself not in her ordinary way of thinking.
She rested a time in a place she rarely does in life.

Sybella was unable to consider the needs of other's thinking.
She wanted for a place she rarely does in life.

Sybella had sat in the judgements of Her Kings thinking.
She hurt in a familiar place she rarely does in life.

Sybella stood up on the ground of her own thinking.
She went to a place she rarely does in life.

Sybella walked on the needs of her own thinking.
She took for herself what she rarely does in life.

and so be it.

On the full moon of this May, Sybella ChoseWell for her own needs.

May 8, 2009

Beltaine and the May Full Moon

The past few weeks had been very building. Sybella was astounded by the changes to take place in Thisworld in such a short time. Everything she understood a few short weeks ago had been turned completely around.

So many things happened and changed between the full moon of April and the full moon of May that Sybella had been wise to remain grounded and allow her own understanding to grow. It had been a wild spring strom of feelings, information and change that the calm of the spring and turn toward summer was the growing definition of her heart. Each spring change of weather brought a new insight for Sybella.

Overwhelmed with feelings and watching the beauty of the season Sybella had used the waxing moon to simply allow Thisworld to happen, as she walked herself in some Other world at the same time. She had not planned this month to unfold the way it had, nor had she any reason to know the past two would have lead to the priorities and plans she found herself considering.

In March Thisworld had been as it had for years of months before it. She had planned to be working on completely different projects with different plans yet the passing of days and the time of the year brought with it changes she was not certain would lead.

Sybella, has spent these days since Baltaine and to the May Full Moon in a cautions and deliborate state of thought, evealuation and reflection. Careful to only watch and listen as well as speak her truth and heart.