May 8, 2009

Beltaine and the May Full Moon

The past few weeks had been very building. Sybella was astounded by the changes to take place in Thisworld in such a short time. Everything she understood a few short weeks ago had been turned completely around.

So many things happened and changed between the full moon of April and the full moon of May that Sybella had been wise to remain grounded and allow her own understanding to grow. It had been a wild spring strom of feelings, information and change that the calm of the spring and turn toward summer was the growing definition of her heart. Each spring change of weather brought a new insight for Sybella.

Overwhelmed with feelings and watching the beauty of the season Sybella had used the waxing moon to simply allow Thisworld to happen, as she walked herself in some Other world at the same time. She had not planned this month to unfold the way it had, nor had she any reason to know the past two would have lead to the priorities and plans she found herself considering.

In March Thisworld had been as it had for years of months before it. She had planned to be working on completely different projects with different plans yet the passing of days and the time of the year brought with it changes she was not certain would lead.

Sybella, has spent these days since Baltaine and to the May Full Moon in a cautions and deliborate state of thought, evealuation and reflection. Careful to only watch and listen as well as speak her truth and heart.

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