January 10, 2013

Passed Down

It has been a fascinating journey making 2 plus 2 become what Sybella has learned it to be. Finding her way in Thisworld without seeing or touching the one who told her she was her Faery Fey.

Sybella has been on a journey of discovery since her earliest childhood. Her understanding not passed to her mother, a little by accidental habit was the language, actions, and ritual of her mothers mother. But, it was her great grandmother who was to pass the answers to Sybella during her life in Thisworld.

Taller then her great grandmother Sybella was 9 years old when her Greatness Gram passed from thisworld. Gram has lived an amazing journey in her life during a remarkable time in history for thisworld. Her tiny foot smaller then Sybella's long before the loss.

Greatness Gram was a sparkeling woman of her day. An educated college professor in 1921! Her craft being home economics and a very wide and diverse circle of peers and associates all over the world.

Sybella's time to be with her great grandmother was near the end and while her conscience was young. Gram came to live and die with the family circle Sybella was born when she was still too young to recall.

Sybella a child known and called "intense" and imaginative felt and was blessed to find time to know her gram like no other person in Thisworld had. Together the wise well traveled woman and the magical child played together and, overlooked.

Time came one day when I recall the rain fell and it was quiet inside. Greatness Grams lap for me became smaller then before and I was filled with tears that fell in unison with the patter of rain. Wrath with sorrow that I would no longer fit quiet well there in her tiny arms.

It was that day she told me of the place Faery live, that she was bound to go because she had outlived her body home. I hear her voice in wake and slumber telling me stories of the journey she had taken. She told me secrets and how to and together we... for many days perhaps weeks, I only know from a child's memory.

We shared time enough. Time enough for me to know my name Sybella. Time enough for me to know enough to seek out more. I was given her Book of not titled in letters that could be read--but, filled with the magic of circles she held and spells and recipes she created.

During the years I have stood and watched when cousin and second cousin passed chance for one of Greatness Gram's heirlooms. Cast off for lack of space, considered cheep tourist junk collected by he many trips to far off places. Yes, I will take the art-deco this or that that Greatness found on that Journey to Ireland, to Argentina, to Asia not specified. Oh, yes I would like the gaudy jewel from that "era" with the funny looking symbol on it. Please, do let me accept her box of lost forgotten recipes Typed on 3x5 cards when type was much more prestigious then you notice.

I have managed to make sense of this all. It was placed into my conscience in a dream before I was once initiated. It was made real in the arms of Her when she touched my cheek and called my her Sybella... when as a child she winked to me when we sang Polly-Wally doodle all the day and she sang to my insides--Fare thee Well, Fare thee
Fare the well my Feri Fey...

Greatness Gram passed this on to me. With those times I spent with her--with the return of her magical items, with the knowing of her books and cards. She has made me know that she could see.

September 3, 2012


It has been a little while since this story has been outlined. The writer--Me, has made some major life changes during the past few years... At the same time Sybella's Faery TELL has brewed in the writer's mind and become a different story.

As a non-fiction writer of journalistic works, the bottom line is always Truth and Facts. It would stand to reason some time might be required for the creative nature to emerge. Not to mention for a journalist to obtain permission, even if only personal permission, to write--what would amount to a heap of lies and deceptions. After all non fiction is absolutely the opposite of fact.

Or is it?

Truth be told, this old blog and all the words written before today, is the basis for the development of a journalist trying to find words of fiction. The transformation of a writer of facts to a writer of imagination. The greatest difference between the two types of writing is Permission to re-write the whole story! Just because the words were written one way in the past does not limit a fiction writers rights to completely change everything and forget the direction of the past. 

Breaking the fourth-plain, this writer is announcing the prior entries here are but an outline and formation of the direction Sybella's Faerie TELL's will eventually take readers. And, now the real stories will be written.

August 17, 2010

Lost Poem

In one of the boxes of papers from her past, Sybella found a poem she had written many years ago... When she was young and still the possession of The EvilOne.

A Person In My Life
May, 1988

If there should ever be a person in my life who sees me for what I could be forced to be, and not for who I am--then I could never be myself for him.

If I entrust my heart, my purity, and my fidelity to one, only to see it returned in opposite form--then I could not trust that one the way it was meant to be.

If I am always there for him, in his time of need, and find myself alone when I am down--then comfort would be impossible to provide or be found.

If the hands that held me in love, ever struck me in rage and caused me pain--for any reason--that pain would be what I feel whenever held again.

If that part of me meant to be a gift of pleasure is taken against my will or given by obligation--then I would not have pleasure as a gift to offer anymore.

If the person in my life cannot accept me as I am, or honor the trust I have, or comfort me in my pain... If his hands could ever hurt me or take from me without my consent--Then I would not have the Life I believe love should represent.

January 30, 2010

Returning from Her Adventures

There hasn't been too much to write about Sybella during the last several moons. Her behavior has been a bit of a mystery in many ways--yet, public and completely clear in other ways.

There has actually been a huge amount to write about during the last several months but, Sybella asked me to keep it on the down-low... to give her some time to spread her wings and make some choices that needed making.

Seems she has enjoyed some time in other worlds during the past few months. Been flittering and fluttering herself about--looking for attention from here and there. She has been working hard, making progress and enjoying the fruits of her labors.

The turn of the year and the events that took place were not expected. Sybella didn't think she would be standing in the place she finds herself today, a year ago. It was one of those eventful years for Sybella.

Took a little time for Sybella to come to terms with reality in This World. Something a faery has to do once in awhile. The next few moons are bound to be interesting--transforming--amazing... Seems, every step of life in This World somehow turns out to be amazing for Sybella.

Seems there is a lot of writing to catch up on, and some story to TELL about the adventures of the past several moons, Sybella has had some amazing adventures and been electrified for her journey's. It will be interesting to catch-up with her Faery Tell.

August 6, 2009

Secret Sidetrips

Sybella has not been her usual self for the last several weeks. Perhaps for the past three full moons in fact. The return of ChooseWell in her thoughts made he remember what it was like to be wisked away with passion and fire. And even with the fact of their lives NOT being permitted to be together--the memory of what it felt like to be the center of a mans passion and desire has been returning to the list of wants and needs she has for herself.

The past several months her need to be wanted and desired has outweighed nearly any other part of her life. She has been on a public mission to make herslef as fit and attractive as she can possibly becaome, with time passing so rapidly. At the same time she has been letting herself listen to the inappropriate words the lustful men in the kingdom like to say--thinking they might as well since the chance was very slim they would ever be permitted to actually live them out. With her anyway.

Her secret sidetrips into the kingdom for such attention has taken a great deal of time and energy--primping and having a very shiny twinkle doesn't just happen like magic even for a faerie it takes a little elbow-grease! Flittering around and listening to the men with only wanton desires takes a lot out of a faery princess Queen of the Castle! For that fact Sybella has been lacking the inspiration to spend much time thinking of how to write it...that and who would actually write of such things when it's her little secret?

Seems that now she has taken a little time and given herself some attention which did in fact result in nothing but positive implications for Sybella in her situation. It's really just as simple as the basic fact that in This World Sybella has a very nice life--but, can't be left to live it alone in a castle without someone there to notice her and look at her with that eye of want and desire. Just about the only think not perfect in her life--is the lake of passion and fire. Perhaps, the next few moons will see a change for the better in this area--with or without Her King being required? Or perhaps Her King might take notice and remember what caused him to make her his Queen in the first place.

It just remains to be seen what the Stars and the Sky have to say about the future. Will it be Her King who decides he will take notice, or one of the many in the kingdom whom already have noticed and made themselves clear?

July 30, 2009

Summer Faery Fun

Mount Pisgah Eugene OR
Sybella, is ready for a weekend away and looking forward to spending time in all the magic of the event! It has been a rapidly changing few moons with twists and turns of emotions a chance to fly free and enjoy the energy is just what she needs most. Especially, now that she is bringing along a dear friend with her.

View of Willamette River at Mount Pisgah, Eugene OR

Today is about the finishing touches on wings and checking to be sure she has her most cool outfits together. The temperatures have been hot lately and the retreat will be outdoors so Sybella wants to be sure she doesn't melt in the middle of the sun warmed weekend!

July 16, 2009

Lessons from the Castle Lion

The castle Lion, Tom-Junior seems to have a natural talent in finding the most effective way to spend the hot, sunny, summer days.

Sybella has been taking lessons and with the twists and turns of the past several months today is finding her own effective ways to spend a hot--sunny--summer day. The kind of day where nostalgia looms with memories of all the hot days past. Starting with those where sweat and dirt were most nice.

Music--of the moment: