March 14, 2009

Sybella's Word Dictonary

Sybella has a way with Words, and some words have their way with her. These are some of Sybella's Words and What She Means when she uses them:

  • Charm: One of the primary tools used by a fae. Charms may be any number of different "things" and the only one who can be sure Charm is being used is the fae him or herself.

  • Flitter: a). Attracting the attention of another one's subconscious with the use of charm. b). Method of transportation from one place to another and between Thisworld and the Otherworld. c. The way a Faerie enters and exits a space.
  • TWitchy ~ This is not necessarily a Charm or trait for all faeries. A Twitchy fae tends to be more spiritual by nature. And in many cases finds it impossible to avoid making use magic in her/his own way. TWitchy can be just about any thing or everything and each faerie will decide for themselves.

  • Very: A fea is very most of the time, intensely very depending on the mood.

...more to be added as needed please feel free to leave a comment if you would like a definition of a Word Sybella uses her own way

March 11, 2009

Springs soft kiss of yellow Light

This morning Sybella woke in lead of the body's day, with the blue light caress of the last moon of winter and a peek of yellow sun and the reminder of springs kiss upon her lips. Memory of warm born from coldest cold and yellow reminder the circle turns. Oh, sweet the heat of springs promise in early dawn where East is born the light that pushes dark from the edge of the horizon.

The Full Crow Moon and last of winters darkness still showing bright past the dawn of suns mighty pull. Soft the ground from melting snow, beneath the full crust, slipping deep into the body of the earth and all her passion.

Dawns light eliminating earthworm casts kissed soft and tasting of the gods nectar shown for the robins hungry beak to find. Sybella fey to fly by the moon when heard the cawing of the crow and awakes East to fly with robin strength and hunger for the splendor of the nearing spring.