March 14, 2009

Sybella's Word Dictonary

Sybella has a way with Words, and some words have their way with her. These are some of Sybella's Words and What She Means when she uses them:

  • Charm: One of the primary tools used by a fae. Charms may be any number of different "things" and the only one who can be sure Charm is being used is the fae him or herself.

  • Flitter: a). Attracting the attention of another one's subconscious with the use of charm. b). Method of transportation from one place to another and between Thisworld and the Otherworld. c. The way a Faerie enters and exits a space.
  • TWitchy ~ This is not necessarily a Charm or trait for all faeries. A Twitchy fae tends to be more spiritual by nature. And in many cases finds it impossible to avoid making use magic in her/his own way. TWitchy can be just about any thing or everything and each faerie will decide for themselves.

  • Very: A fea is very most of the time, intensely very depending on the mood.

...more to be added as needed please feel free to leave a comment if you would like a definition of a Word Sybella uses her own way

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