May 28, 2009


When Sybella first came to live in the Castle her breath was taken with the beauty of the woods that surrounded and the view of the mountains. However, she found the gardens of the castle grounds lacking in nearly every way and went about planning and planting to improve the situation.

Four springs ago Sybella's dear friend, Wendy was remodeling her castle and adding a new room. The addition displaced a lovely patio covered with bamboo woven together with Wisteria vines. Beautiful even in the winter, while bare of leaf and flowers, the patio cover became the perfect sight of love by mid-spring when in a sudden burst it woke up and showed life. As the season moved forward the patio covered with Wisteria became the perfect protection from the heat of the late summer sun. Sybella always enjoyed spending time with her friend sipping tea from mid-spring to fall sitting on the patio covered with Wisteria.

Wendy and Sybella wanted to keep this lovely place for their times together watching their Little Feet run and play in the water on a hot day. They wanted to keep their place where so many conversations and moments of memories had been made. The loss of this patio was heartbreaking for both! So, Wendy and Sybella set out to do their best to save the Wisteria plants and reduplicate the beautiful patio lost. It would very difficult to accomplish but together they knew they had to!

For several weeks Wendy and Sybella worked carefully to prune the Wisteria down to a manageable size plant. They studied plant care and propagation. They dug in the dirt with care for each root. And took the best steps they knew how to move the Wisteria Plants to new locations. At the same time they needed to plan for the reduplication. When the work was finished at Wendy's castle and enough of the plants moved to the position her new patio would be, there were two remaining plants which were given to Sybella as a reflection of the Love Wendy felt.

Sybella, plated one aside an arbor just outside the window of the castle great room. The perfect spot facing west where there was already and uncovered patio. Right in front of the large windows of the room. The wisteria providing the most wonderful shade and natural reconditioning for the hottest days of summer.

Sybella loves the Wisteria and her friend Wendy.

These photographs were taken May 28, 2009 by: Sybella

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