May 19, 2009

Twists of Perspective

Sybella is patient and while prone to flights of faery fae to the Otherworld has always done so grounded. She is not reactive in the moment, but rather deliberate instead. She knows that she has right to hold on and use her own power and determine the outcome of her own direction.

The fact she is deliberate is why her actions, choices, and words must reflect patience and passion. She is well aware of the fact no one has the right to make her less than she is, or deprive her of the spirit she is. Sybella will never die in her nature, it isn't possible--she is a dancer and cannot be held still where there is no music. She cannot twinkle when she isn't noticed.

These months of new awareness have been due a long time. Sybella is often struck by the new perspectives she gains when life adds a twist. Some might see this as hindsight and call it being 20/20 vision looking back. She sees it differently. Sybella sees where she chose to walk that path in the past--and where she made the choices she did. Each at the time for the right reasons--a new twist in life cause to appear with a different perception.

"So be it," is the lesson she learns.

...and, from there she moves on.

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