April 14, 2009

Perfect Protection

For a crafter of words the mere sight of blank page is cause to fill it. Sybella has always found the seduction of empty white space impossible to avoid filling. As in all things however the word often cuts two ways. Some beautiful splendid words of awesome wonder may fall on page...also too however some words are quite the other.

Sybella by mere necessity of free expression learned many years ago, while still a child that some words are not wise left in open sight of the wrong eyes.

For many times the discovery of the print on page has burned her at the stake of another's authority! As an innocent young Faery some words found by her parents struck fear to their very foot! They had seen far too much of the Sybella Faery Fey to even know true or not one word found. And, as Sybella became electric with Life her words were often very grounding!

Or, as once the case--ending of the dance of youths first young love. Drat, that her mother had to discover the words written by imagination rebellion.

She had after-all at that step of life in Thisworld, not yet even flashed more then mere twinkle... however, her words found said quite a different story. It was that episode of youthful learning Sybella found charm to continue her writing--and not be mistaken as of Thisworld.

She discovered one word written top the page was the Bridge to the Otherworld of Words Freedom. Sybella, found in the still of the night, under the light of the moon a word that would become her dome of perfect protection.

The word was simple: FICTION

Sybella had innocently discovered a magic key which would unlock ALL the Doors for flights of faery fancy to last the rest of her time in Thisworld. Sybella had discovered the shield of her freedom written and the circle of it's protection.

Sybella's discovery was so much Power she should have blown to the Otherworld right that moment! Instead, she choose to hold it keep it and not allow herself to give it out in release--not like a Witch does. Not to the world Above and Not to the world Under--Sybella stored the power where it would make the magic only a faery knows to cause travel to the Otherworld, of Ecstasy.

Pity, the witch would just give it away...


Anonymous said...

Yes Yes Yes, we want Ecstasy!
Yeaaaaa For Ecstasy!!!

Sybella said...

...I thought you would say that...