April 8, 2009

Light of Day and Full of Moon

This day has turned to be "very" for Sybella. And when the day is "vary" it's just enough to say!

Sybella, was well aware of the waxing of this moon for her. Oh, the Springs first full Moon is always such intensity! Maybe perhaps the truth is that Sybella needs to practice as the next few months to summer are generally, very fey for Faery Sybella!

It is not mistake-but, magic of that so often the writer speaks of such things about Spring. Even in the secular world! "Spring is when a young man's fancy turns to...." oh, fey thee my heart!

It must be the "type" or perhaps the "personality" of the Faery that is quite different one from the other. I have studied the whole Nurture" vs. "Nature" thing and don't buy that any one Faery could ever be Nurtured to be what that Faery does not just Know to be. There just is no possible way anyone could have Made Sybella any other type of Faery then she is and always has been! Nurture all thee like--it is only Nature for Sybella.

Sybella is the "flitting" and "twinkle" type. The Faery that only the right eye can see. Rare, she is caught in a flit and more rare to be spotted in a twinkle. The type that most people hear told by fable or tale but, never have more then a flit or twink here or there as any proof.

Rare to be spotted however, does in no way mean Sybella has gone unnoticed. Only one time ever did a sticky little boy catch her in flight. I mean the actual 5 year old real sticky little boy kind and that was the last time Sybella twinkled a little too much around one of them. Way to young...way, way, way too young to Flit around!

So without having her flitting skill she was stuck in a box three days and three nights! And Touched by a boy man who needs some big lessons! He did offer Air and lettuce so it was enough but, Still! She does not like to twinkle in the company of those she cannot Filt in front of--that is half of her charm!

Still, even the Faery needs Grounding. It would just be too simple to flitter too high if it were not the law of nature that what goes up must come down...or is it ever action has and equal and opposite reaction? Sybella doesn't much care about the science of it all--she does just have way of finding.

Before the Sun was gone from the day, the moon was made full. AT Last! It was most perfect the evening and Sybella did plant the starts of her seedlings for plantings in her Gardens. Each in the most scientifically perfectly designed modern way. Those little starter sets sold at any old store do make perfect the environments base!

With Sybella however there can always be improvements so, what sold to all from the store--can be transformed into what Sybella would want of it. This planting has sure been given much of the will for her want of it. Blessed are the beds which were tended and readied under the light of both the Sun and in view of the waxing Moon...three days, of work and all three under both!

To plant these new lives as the Moon reached full while still warm of the Sun was the most splendid time of the day. It was a "very" day...now to the night of it...

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