April 8, 2009

Silly Sybella! Why Celt is Not Wicca

All of the torture and agony for proved purpose of catching Sybella and bringing the flitting faery back to earth is of complete comedy once she hits earth!

Or, at least once she gets up to dust off the dirt of it all!

Sybella, knows her path to here--it is delivered to her both blood lines direct--passed to her by Greatness Gram and comes by Nature and Seeing...

It's often funny to see the Fae she is stand up after being smacked down to earth! Thanks it be to All in the Otherworld that swift she is caught before going too "religious" about it all!

Sybella is just not an ordinary witch. While she may live~play that part in circle she is not the type who needs make dogma of it all! It would be near equal value to holy~roll at Church for her to be all wrapped up with the rules of it all!

It is of fact that all that is a witch is fine, good and real no doubt of that. It is also of fact, that Sybella may choose to use what she wants to choose for path. And that of the choices of the path no path be wrong or right depending on the moment.

All Truth has Right of Way at some points along the journey in Thisworld . After all, it is All real and True so only logic of mind would suggest Each of All may be of the day at one day or another!

Thanks to pleas sent fourth, Sybella went to the Ground deliberately. The Build has been great and for just a time in it Sybella was looking at more then needed to be Seen in it all. Like the Doctor who aims to make a human life without the need of parents--the one natural does not require doctors or science. Sometimes, "is" really does mean "IS". Bill might affirm that the word "is" can change it's meaning depending on all the words in front or behind it!

For Sybella to be without torture she must remember who she "Is."
It is the fact of all evidence that Sybella may play Witch with Skill if so desired, but in the end when grounded--she is Celtic All with a sprinkle of Witch and even of the Christian God for variety sake. She is Celtic Blood and Celtic Path and travels Fey to Faeryland!

and...this is testimony of the fact that Grounding First must be the path, for can you Drive in Fog?

She tends to take a different root of it when fog is heavy. So too can we all if time of grounding is not made most important of it all! The only way to clarity and awareness.

ahhh, She sighs as the grounding was the need of now and for that open door it was both release and clarity of amazing possibilities. And a moment or so of the "Ah Ha" sort. With visualisation of a completely unexpected, unthought of, unknown prior Seeing Moment...sets of moments of answers that are all of natural order. An idea of way or perhaps in this case the seeing of the path laid with bricks of gold! One of the paths that in all things known today could be Not of pain in any way for all the spirits She holds care...

As clear an option as should be the purchase of the seeds for her garden. One choice offered at the shops for such things. Sybella remembers that while yes, the Witches offerings are wise and fruitful she is fine to take from their store when available by priority by all means...but, in no way are the seeds the Witch offers the limit of Nature. Its just about the way Sybella SEES things that really counts the most in all of everything.

Sybella bets the moon is just about full--perhaps just passing and her ritual was of flight to her for the light of her and to be given words from a loving mother.

In Sybella the Moon is the Mother of the Earth where it is a part of ThisWorld. It is this by science and by proof in real ways to be seen that the Mother has a great ability to maintain a life of balance especially, for her ready children to receive. Natural with no certain thing of it required or denied permit to be done. In this the circle never needs marked out, cleared, consecrated, protected or imagined... The reason of it is that to live this path the circle is not Created by the Crafter instead the Crafter simple is called to find the Circle there to enter.

I suppose it could be said Sybella is a Lazy Witch on one hand... On the other however, when made ware she is able of the cerimony of it--the elements and this and that's of crafting and such. Not in any time has she really fumbled the doing of the ins and outs of the systems of this and that... It is all real of course and everyone has a Gig you know. It's just making it all so much more difficult sometimes--when the ritual itself is what is learned rather then getting to that place of Seeing... kinda figure it is pretty much supposed to be right about there where Magic happens...

The bath is scared when Sybella is, the ground is sacred space pure in its own when Sybella grounds herself. The all of all it sacred when Sybella is full. Her own mind can make any space be what she wills.

...sure that she must be in absolute union with the Moon of this month... a woman's curse or blessing depends of point of view.


Anonymous said...

Sybella you have given the truth to all who chose to understand. Knowing your blood line calls us to our nature.

Peace be with you and yours, Setanta

Sybella Is said...

thank you brother ;)