April 10, 2009

The Day Dance

Friday 09April 10, 2009~

It has been a very day of dance for Sybella. After the morning flitting and twinkle...dusting and being that kind of Faery for Her King he was not distracted one moment from his kingdom. The work of a king seems never done.

At high noon Her King had business with the Capitalists and and left with cape and crown--a dash to his carriage. Sybella, called out the window and bid Her King, "Merry Part."

Her King nodded back, and left with not a word, a rush away...

When the carriage pulled from the castle drive behind there left the proof of his leave with creation of light clouds of dust. The perfect, path Her King had taken marked far as eye could see... to be expected at the end of the hot summer with the dirt of it all, but not usual on the wet of an early spring noon.

Sybella, fell slow for thought of what she wished Her King had said--or did, or Seen as he left her alone again in the beautiful perfect castle--empty.

There is not better way to make Sybella's heart too heavy for her wings to lift than to flitter and twinkle without any kind of notice at all. She is the kind that wants you to See the Flit and Twink just enough to follow her.

How can a faery be followed fail notice?

A Faery can even get notice of a blind one... It takes more of a Flutter than a Flitter. One needs to see a flitter but a flutter is of wing wiggle on the cheek...or neck. However, some without sight of eye can see in eye of spirit the flitter and have been known to catch of it by surprise to both of us!

Twinkle is always effective Well, always except maybe for Her King...and he does see with his eyes.

Sybella, was small and tiny left in the empty castle again. Not Seen again like most every other day. But, this time she was not of weak wings long. It's just now--what is--with Her King, and while left in the empty castle it is becoming Her Domain... and this day she danced with spirit of fancy...

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