April 14, 2009

The Opened Box

Sybella was kissed by the light of the morning sun, and woke early to take in the dawn of a new day. The perfect quite as all in Thisworld pause breath for the moment of splendor in the sky and, a peek of the days mood. This morning broke beautiful.

This day, the measure of time having past for her to regain balance and sense of it all. To be reminded of every thought of Knight ChooseWell, to recall her heart of love. All of it had been brought to life so unexpectedly, Sybella was caught surprised. But, also too made alive.

It had only been matter of days, since the message had been delivered. Sybella knew it was like touching fire to even open the envelope she found in hand from his. Even the sight of name caused her heart to skip a beat. And, every one knows a faery cannot resist the want of thoughts from those whom notice her twinkle--and followed her.

It is common knowledge that a faery could never resist her fancy flight of fey! To even try would steel every sparkle of her charm away. If not common knowledge it should be, fact a feary cannot flitter off without knowing...

She had to read the message, of course.

...and then as each word of it entered her eye, she woke up inside. Like the open bud of this day's Calilliy filled her eye this dawn. The effects of it were as if two parts of the same bolt of lightning had found each other again--long past the distraction of the storm.

Sybella, could not bar the message from her Knight ChooseWell. To do so would kill a faery. Or at least it would kill Sybella.

It was Her Knight! The message was from the other half of lightning she is.

And, when she read the message received from Her ChooseWell--she whole recalled--it was he whom had set her free from the box once held and locked in by the EvilOne.

It was Her ChooseWell that came in light of day to unlock the box and set her free.

Sybella had lived many tears of pain, hurt and nearly lost her twinkle all together during the long years--frozen fear--in the box locked tight by the EvilOne whom had caught her.

She had not once asked, a Knight for help, even while often she wanted too. She had not dare ask of any to put foot between. She could not be root of pain for any other and was told by a star as a child, that the He of Her would See Her without her asking of him.

She has been reminded by the frogs as a young faery that she would not need twinkle or flitter or even ask of the other half of her to See who she was.

ChooseWell, saw Sybella first sight. From then he knew and went forward and opened the box Sybella had been locked inside for 15 years of her life in Thisworld.

How would any expect that Sybella would not let into her eye the words of such in her life?

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