April 8, 2009

First and Last -- Grounding

Grounding is most vital to the foot of All stable base. Without this connect to Earth the risk of flight willy-nilly too great. To work grounding must be SEEN as possibly the most important first step in ritual works, no matter the nature.

To SEE and Know full awareness, and focus clear grounding takes the skill of several meditative steps and visualizations. There must be full cleanse of thoughts and emotions which would prove distracting. Or worse prove possible harm, in a ritual working.

Sybella uses many methods of grounding depending on the ritual work. Depending on the fullness of the energy and what the ritual needs from the energy offered. In order to be fully aware of the power and be deliberate with the use of ritual Sybella grounds before the works are even started.

It all begins, with the processes of satisfying those needs of her that may call to interrupt! To be on the ground feet planted deep, before the bringing up and calling in takes place there first must be space. The needs of body, the thoughts of day, the flights of fey must be satisfied or made not able to distract in someway.

For Sybella, this process can take little time--or, all the day depending. Either way she knows not risk to work while in flight of fancy, or filled with any thing other then awareness and full openness to know where and how she Wants and Places the work of the ritual. To enter with less would be careless and there is no need for more careless Witchs who Know less then they have the power of control.

The grounding for Sybella most often occurs as the open of her ritual cleanse bath. Sybella of Air is Cusp with Earth, yet it has always been Water that offers transformation--and Fire that makes drive. Grounding for Sybells is most found when meditation is given, and focus started with Water washing and cleansing all of life and life's daily thoughts are sent to the Dirt by the Drain to the septic system! Right out in the Yard behind the castle!

The bath is sacrad to Sybella and give it the time to be she finds awareness of the base and connection. Her bath takes place in the Upper level of the castle--where she can look out windows wrapped three of four directions. Here she takes the time to let out all the body soil, release fire one with herself in the arms of water, and leave to be in position of her steps down from up--to the solid of the ground.

Once the ceremony of the bath she has worked and made transformation by design, and space--her each step to the ground is taken with deliberate visualization of descending to that spot of connection. In past, it has been here she has made the fall of her body. This she knows is of the most important need...to be deliberate in her return to Earth and control the way for which this takes place.

Sybella Fly's Fey with too great an ease--and has been Smacked to the Ground one time too often to forget that she Must at least she must for ritual magic making. The failure to Ground First is not one Sybella willing to take often.

Sybella is also of attention to the Facts that it is best to leave the door she came in. This is the way she can be sure she has worked full circle no matter the direction taken. A simple little Witch rule perhaps known or all her own? No matter, Sybella is not oft to exit the circle by way of different door. It is just psychic superstition on her part. Not that she has never done so--not that it has not come without SEE something most awesome. Just that on the Waining side of the woman--it's much safer to most often go the way she came.

The by making First the Last then she can Fly Fey knowing at least the circle was full and closed! And, best this start with being where she most often choose not! Grounded!

~~~to start the bath she leaves this page.....this Moon so full is of grounding to take the day.... of water, earth, fire and air of full the moon... of full Sybella and need of Cast.

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