April 26, 2009

Flight to visit another Kingdom

Several weeks ago Sybella was invited to attend a meeting, a flight away, in another kingdom to discuss the ideas of her writing. Perhaps, one of the most important meetings in her life! Or at least in "her own" life in Thisworld.

For years she has put the needs of Her King, and the little feet above any need of her own. It was never a problem to place them above herself and watch as they each take part in the spirits of their own dreams and accomplishments. Never asking that any spotlight be given to her hearts desire. Not much expecting to be more then the wife of Her King or the mother of the little feet.

When invited to attend the meeting, a flight away, Her King decided it would be in his best interest to accompany her on this major trip. It was also decided that the prince and princess be brought along and taken for a visit to see TinkerBell. A Tinker Fairy most children recognize and adore. Considering that she lives but a few miles from the meeting place Sybella has been invited to it all seemed so logical at the time the plans were made.

This morning it seemed less logical to Sybella as she rushed around making certain everyone packed the things they would need during their visit to the Magical Kingdom. She noticed herself distracted over the issues of shoes and socks, hats and hair bows, and the wants and wishes of the people she has cared for with complete dedication. She noticed that her own needs appeared less important to anyone else. She noticed that the reason for the flight had been overshadowed by the excitement and wants of her family.

Sybella, did not allow this to dampen her spirit and has made sure to direct her attention to the truth of the trip for herself. As the hours approach for the time of the flight she is excited and nervous and above all else she is ready.

Confidence and support for this big adventure having been reinforced by the loving words sent her way from her ChooseWell as usual seemed to be more then enough to carry her through the ritual of planning and packing. She was ready to meet the important people, having been reminded during the past days of the fact that her own dreams in life matter. Having one person who remembered what this flight was about and that it was possibly the most important trip of her lifetime.

Sybella is ready and able standing in confidence built up and based on the words from the one who truly does love her. As this post is made, her family is ready for their own fun, she is ready for her adventure.

They will return in a few days, less than a week--Sybella has waited for this meeting since her childhood and will soon know if she has passed the test of being considered a master of the craft of words... It could happen at no better time with the waxing crescent moon and returning in time to celebrate Beltaine!


Anonymous said...

Hi Sybella,

I KNOW you passed the test... Da Vinci, Matisse, Picasso, Sybella!

I am so very glad for you!

Sybella said...

ChooseWell, thank you for the magic and words you feed my soul. You are what makes Sybella strong.