April 16, 2009

Sybella a Fae TWithchy

Another morning, with the sunlight greeting Sybella through her chamber windows. As lonely as it is for her to live alone with Her King in the beautiful castle she does find it's comforts, indulgences, and royal qualities to be quite seductive.

To wake, with near full circle of the morning light has an unbelievable effect on her entire day. With exception of the routine facts of life, the kiss of the strong, hot sun each morning has a trance like effect, ALL OVER Sybella!

With the fact, of the season of the year, morning dawns with the coldest of winds, and the heat of the sun so wanting to cause the cold to submit, surrender, take the wind!

Sybella, wakes these cold mornings with the knowing that by the end of the day she WILL feel the heat of the sun--even if only for a moment... if, only in the dreams of her own mind. She simply cannot resist the effort of the early spring sun...and the struggle of it all.

At this time of the season, Sybella finds her own chambers can be filled with all the tools, and luxuries any winter weary fea could dream during the submission she so loves as summer tries to take her winter lonely all away...

The word crafter in her could not resist the need to allow Sybella not only time and priveledge to lounge in the pleasure of watching and feeling the sun try so hard, but also a place to allow herself to let her TWitchy side out for the morning... She had thought to write a new page and let that part of the fae she is free... but, then felt lead to use a completely different notebook and mark it clear "Fiction." Noted too a top a new page...keeping these words locked in her magic box just to be sure the wrong eyes didn't happen to take read.

She just had to find a place to let herself be TWitchy and thought to write a story about the world that happens in her own Chambers... and then decided to go take a long soak in the royal bath.


Perspective Shift Chris said...

That was really good :P I'm not sure how many others like this you have written but I feel somewhat like I walked into the middle of a story when reading this. Not quite here nor there, but the story was very powerful. It seemed to have a lot of esoteric undertones within it too. Or maybe that's just me :P Either way, I enjoyed it. Keep up the good work!

Sybella Is said...

Thank you. Only some people can actually see the twinkle of a Faery when she flitters cross the page... guess, you can... corse, only a few ever follow the twinkle of a Fae long enough to grab her...

Arlene deWinter said...

Hey, Thanks for finding me on Entrecard. This is right up my street. Do you live in Seattle or nearby? Do you need a critique partner? It isn't easy to find one that is sympathetic to dark fantasy which is what I write. With a name like Sybella, you must be a Tanith Lee fan. No?
I will put this on my blog roll so I don't lose track.

You can find me on MySpace as Lucifera, Queen of Elfhame. Sister!

Sybella Is said...

Arlene--I live south on the Columbia River. But, go to Seattle very often. I would love a critique partner!

To tell you the truth, I have spent my whole career writing non-fiction with 90% journalism (old school). Until, recently inspired I considered the possibility of my writing fiction to be the same as the dark-side.

I will look you up on MySpace or you can email me-- sybellas.blog@gmail.com

I suppose, sometimes real life has a way of triggering great imagination...