April 11, 2009

Sybella's Knight ChooseWell.

Saturday, April 11, 2009~~

Sybella, spent the morning reading. Looking over the everything that had been Blessed to her knowing during the waxing Moon. The night before had been first slight of waining and there was so much to list of letting go. While during full Sybella had been Full and Bright for the Seeing. For the receiving... knowing and understanding of it All.

Thisworld seemed not to be. That it was the actual Otherworld instead.

As full as the Moon became Sybella was not able to find place to let all power leave--she was playing magic when no one could see. She was not able to help herself--she wanted to help it...she cannot because for Sybella it is how you live so intense as she does. It's just Sybella in Thisworld. She just knows the way to Ecstasy and where it is the Otherworld for even only a moment.

This full Moon Sybella was made to face--full knowing of many things. Many new things Clear without misunderstanding or confusion. She had been able to hold herself and ground to the earth before she took complete flight of spirit.

Long ago she had accepted the loss of her love... parted by the evil smoke of the dragon. Sybella, knew his journey from the effects of the dragon smoke on his body, mind, soul of him, would take perhaps a lifetime.

He the love of her... the Knight ChooseWell. Having battled once for her honor, he had completely come to her aid and lead her way from the bind as the wife of an EvilOne.

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