April 20, 2009

Her own Spring Rain

Monday, April 20, 2009 ~~~
This spring morning broke bright filled with the light of a new day. Yet, Sybella woke slowly still wanting to remain in her dreams. Knowing that to walk through another day would bring with it the mix of joy, sorrow of the past, and reality of the fact she was the wife of Her King.

Knight ChooseWell and Sybella's exchange of words had revealed not only had he beaten the Dragon, but that he had thought of Sybella the whole time, as she had thought of ChooseWell every moment since he left for the battle.

Sybella's messages started out guarded and appropriate for the wife of Her King. She informed ChooseWell that her life was - different now. That she was the wife or Her King and that he was a good king, had not once hurt her, and was an honorable man. Sybella let ChooseWell know that she and Her King had adopted children from the kingdom and that her obligations to her adopted children were as all important as to the children he knew born to her as the wife of the EvilOne.

Sybella's messages also could not help but express her pain for the loss of him. She had never stopped looking out the windows to see if she might spot him walking without knowing due to the effects of the dragon smoke...that she had looked for him to be made a Hero by beating the ugly dragon and living the life of a hero today. That not a day had passed she had not thought of him.

Sybella asked how many years he was at war with the dragon? How long had he suffered the mind altering effects of the dragon smoke?

ChooseWell had answered, and his answer is reason this beautiful spring day filled with sunshine was like the most cold and dark winter morning.

Sybella, learned that ChooseWell had not returned to her because he thought his battle with the dragon had turned her love for him to hate. That he did not return because he believed he had lost Sybella. ChooseWell wrote to Sybella that he did not think he was welcome to return to her.

Knowing this was cause for rain today and Sybella only has her own tears to cause clouds.


Anonymous said...

You have always been loved, and will always be.

Sybella said...

and...you too my Knight Anonymous!