April 7, 2009

Love Binded ~ a Faery in a Box

If Sybella has learned one lesson well it is that there is no limit to love. None.

It is infinity of spirit that Love has not a bound. Not to it and not from it.

How is it true it must be bound?

Who says?
What would be so wrong to take and give of it all and everything when it was fire?
Would it not be a more perfect journey to trip over those making love rather then those who thieve and connive to take anything?

Sybella knew of her own skill since birth. She was born 3 minutes Aquarius on January 20 1963. She is what the Heavens would have written for that moment. She, is wise and growing older now but still somehow is what she has always been.

Sybella has not escaped the trappings of the twinkle she was blessed. It has been too easy to feel desired for her body life. She is made to look like what is wanted. Even as she grows gray and looks less like a nymph there are still the vamps around wanting. At any age Sybella has been most wanted.

You would think this would be the answer to any need of Passion, any need of Fire!


Beauty is not always skin deep and Sybella is not only all she may appear to be. There are those who would want Sybella to harm that part of her. Someone like Sybella is always at risk of being locked in a box or worse.

Think of it? To be all wanted for simply walking into the door. Could it even be possible to imagine knowing Sybella simply because the eyes fall in love with her?


Beauty is a powerful tool for sure. It is what makes Sybella find those doors she walks through. A faery will use any charm she can come by and the twinkle is generally not difficult for a faery to master. The problem is some never See a faery for more then the twinkle and if that is what someone sees in this faery then they will
Never SEE Sybella.

Sybella can see through all of that, and she knows when it has been her twinkle that cast the spell over the heart of another. With Sybella, Flattery will get you Nowhere...nor, will drool on your chin. Apparently, even at this old stage of the journey Sybella cannot hide her charms.

But, it seems the lesson of an aging faery is to understand few will ever catch more then the simple twinkle of her presence in their lives. And, of those who choose to follow it, not many are let in. There is a difference between a faery and well, the run of the mill "easy chick" or whatever those girls are called in Thisworld today.

But, for those who are let in--those who do follow the faery and take note of more then the twinkle of her charm--oh, Sybella is all that is imagined! And depending, even more.

You see, a faery is a very magical twinkle to chase. A faery is out for more then the things Thisworld has to offer. A faery is not so interested in the ransom of another. A faery wants to be SEEN and wants to take the right one with her to the Otherworldly. To Ecstasy.

When a one goes with a faery to Ecstasy chances are the will never be the same.

For Sybella the problem is most of the ones she has charmed and led to chase her by the flitting and twinkle end up putting her in a box...and feeding her grass and bugs.

Everyone knows that is the way you keep a faery from flights of fey!

Everyone knows, except for one at least as far as Sybella has known.

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