April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

April 22, 2009~~~
Today is Earth Day, and Sybella has taken part in this day since she was in grade school. The first Earth Day was April 22, 1970 and as a young child living in southern California could not have been living in a more polluted place. Some of her most vivid memories were the hot summer days and the Smog Alerts that prevented play or meant that play would end that night with painful breathing due to smog damaged lungs.

When Earth Day started she was right there as one of the most inspired and willing to work children and nothing has changed about that in 39 years!

Today, as an adult when she returns to California on visits her observations are that there has been a reduction in the smog and that most younger people don't recall the scare of helicopters flying over their homes with megaphones telling them to go inside their home and breath through a wet wash cloth! While California will always have the lovely haze in the Los Angeles basin--Sybella, can notice the haze is not nearly as brown as her childhood. Progress has been made and that's something to be hopeful about.

On this earth day, Sybella is planting 3 trees in the yards of the elderly neighbors and has donated 3 cases of energy efficient light bulbs to the local food bank asking that they be included with the boxes they distribute to the needy citizens of the kingdom. Logic tells Sybella those families in need of help with food are more likely to not be able to purchase the higher cost light bulbs so sending them with the food boxes seems a good way to contribute where the need is the greatest.

Tonight the family will celebrate Earth Day by eating our supper of food given to us from the earth and by sharing our ideas to become even more diligent with our efforts to do our part where we can to take care of our earth.

If you want to know more about Earth Day 2009 Sybella suggests you
Click Here.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sybella,

You are so incredibly cool... I never would have thought to donate lightbulbs, and it is so wonderfully appropriate on multiple levels.

Sybella said...

Thank you! Passing out the energy efficient light bulbs just seems like such an easy way to make a difference.