April 6, 2009

Sybella's Magic Gardens

Sybella has always kept a garden, even as a young girl she could sense just when and how to make this life happen right before her eyes with dirt beneath her fingernails Sybella has been in tune with most plant of her interest.

The Plants inside the walls that trap the body have always shown sign of the energy within the walls. Sybella has plants she has tended some as long as nearly 30 years now. Some, the second, third or even perhaps the ninth generation. Some new to the circle. Sybella's castle is filled with her own magic garden. Most often lush with life and passion--and first always to show the sign of need for magical interventions.

The plants outside beneath the Sun and the Moon are more tricky--being outside where Sybella must be called to go tend, rather then live within. These plants take deliberate effort and will die if Sybella is not willing or able to spend the energy these lives deserve of her.

Where she is in tune with those who live within her circle those outside often remain more of a mystery to her way of magic. Not that there has not been magnificent harvests... but, that the fruit of it is of that which brings sweetness, biter, substance and milk all from the Mother Earth. To make this magic means to submit to the mother's will and at the same time set it free to be made love to by any passer by, the wind, the rain, the cloud--the bird and other spirits wanting.

The garden outside is that which makes her own life filled with energy by it's gifts of flower, fruit or nut of meat. Required by the body to survive and thus not only a labor of magic, but a labor of self survival. Therefore Sybella submits to the ritual of the garden as it is the basis of her life blood.

Someday when it is the forefront thought the act of loving those inside the circle will be written more about. For now, it is near the April Moon and time for the Mother's Garden to be tended beneath the moon and below the Mountain that is alive.

During the second quarter waxing to full, and during the days just prior to the Full of the Moon, is when to plant those who would grow fruit above the earth keeping their seeds of life protected inside of the mother plant. With timing of the season and of the Moon, those such as tomatoes, peppers, melons and beans would be most blessed.

This moon being still too soon to place young seeds or seedlings to be exposed to life's harsh truth has Sybella's magic be in preparing. The beds of life, the soil of spirit and concentrating her energy to the garden of the body. This season Sybella has had great energy while working the earth during the daylight as the Moon's growing fullness shows heavy in the sky. Even as the Sun shine is strong the growing fullness of the Moon has been of splendid power this circle of the season.

And even with setting of the Energy of the Sun, Sybella will tonight be magic working by the light of only the Moon. Tonight there will be ritual beneath the Waxing Moon and Sybella will sow the seeds to grow early seedlings--strong to survive the short growing season of the garden. They will grow well.

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