April 10, 2009

What can a Faery Do?

Friday April 10, 2009

Sybella was in flight of fey and song and dance all morning. Going about the castle with filtering and twinkle... Her King home for holiday before the feast unaware the magic beneath his feet. Not even the patter of little feet to distract, as both were gone from the castle to learn their own crafts.

The King should have want for Sybella when free... ?

She flitted by, and twinkled a twinkle. Like a desperate needy Faery fey...

The King's ears could not hear the songs, his heart not feel the dance and his eyes saw through Sybella past her to the day. Sybella, knew it would be that way--the King does not take much notice and rather sees her flight as worthless fancy.

Sybella, just sometimes needs to triple-check that she is not the reason for the lack of attention from her King--it is him. For whatever reason, he is not entranced with the Faery he has...The one he was rite to keep bound within the walls and stone of His Castle... Every King with any merit should have a faery like Sybella--for her King to have her is the matter, the rest is not.

Sybella, would fly away if her King were made of rot! But, the truth be told her King is not guilty of any crime to anyone including Sybella, lest neglect of her counts much.

Oh, not neglect by failure to provide splendid wealth, jewels, trips, shows of it... Her King has handsome treasures of things in life and deprives Sybella of not one thing his Ransom might buy for her presence... But, his want of her presence is but that she sleep in his castle...even if alone. Her presence is the want but only for the tally of his riches.

He keeps her in a golden box upon the shelf of the fire mantel... Not far from the other signs of the King He Is. The Wall of Honor and Claim any good King keeps is front of the Castle not far from the entry to room of his throne. This allows those whom seek the attention of the King to make note of the King they see. It is very impressive and for him--Sybella is by far one of the highly esteemed assets in The King's lot.

It is a nice way to make the Castle a Home...or, appear to be anyway. What quest to call would note any right Sybella to say anything other then, "Why yes, thank you so much My King is so deserving of the great Honor for which he shares not only with family but with the commoners as well. I have no call to be displeased with the Honor of my King."

So, not only is Sybella not seen by her King--but, those who do see her see a trick of magic conjured by her King himself. Not everything is what one may think they see--is not the first lesson for the magician?

Her King's magic however is of the muse or is it the wide-known art of smoke and mirrors, rather then the magic of the spirit.

Sybella, sighs to think it is not her King's fault for it. Some simply cannot SEE in life what she does.....

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