April 20, 2009

The Castle Kitchen

Sybella enjoys growing her garden for more then the simple joy it is to be outdoors. When it comes to growing the plants that will be served for feasts and meals she takes even more joy because in the end she will be the one to prepare the food her plants create.

During the difficult economic times int the kingdom it's wise for people to learn the way things were done in the past--before the new traditions replaced the old. It's probably why there are these kinds of times!

In Thisworld it is very easy to become dependent on easy cook meals, restaurants and microwave ovens to provide our families with nutrition. The poor economy may just be what is needed to inspire more people to plant a garden or dig out the old recipe box and start actually cooking!

Think of all the lost memories of our mother's and grandmother's if the special dishes they were known for...don't come frozen in a box? Sybella has always enjoyed witnessing the people she loves and cares about enjoy the results of her garden and the way she cooks. And she has always enjoyed the recipes left behind in her Greatness Gram's box.

As board as Sybella has been with the day out and day in of it... she thought perhaps there might be a way to share Greatness Gram's recipes with the citizens in the kingdom who may not have such a box of their own.

She decided to submit some of her great grandmothers recipes to the editor of the weekly paper just as her great grandmother had nearly a hundred years ago! Well, actually it was only 85 years ago but may as well have been a hundred! To her surprise and delight she was offered a weekly column in the paper and the editor asked if she would like to call it "The Castle Kitchen"

Sybella, being a crafter of words, would never pass chance to be published, paid or not! She would have a byline and for some writers the byline is all that matters!

Of course, in reality Sybella started out wanting to help the people in her kingdom learn to grow and prepare food, and share her great grandmothers Magic with them. It was just the added blessing of the byline that caused Sybella to be satisfied with the handing down of traditions many in Thisworld have not learned or have forgotten.

Today, she has been busy planning and gathering the supplies she needs to create a wonderful weekly column in the newspaper--sharing grams magic. Her first deadline is tonight!

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