April 20, 2009

A long, busy weekend and understanding for Sybella

She had not expected it a month ago. She had not thought her Knight ChooseWell survived the fight with the dragon. The years their fingertips touched before separated was nearly twelve years past. Her life was perfect as far as she could tell.

Her life was what any woman would want...as far as she could tell.

Until, she heard from her ChooseWell, and since she had now, her life will never be the same.

Since finding one another Sybella and ChooseWell have yet to see each other--they have not even heard the voice of the other in all of these many years. They did not bump into each other on the streets or in the market. ChooseWell, searched for Sybella...and she was informed of his search. For whatever reason the wife of a King would have--Sybella responded to her Knights Search and accepted his messages.

At the moment Sybella, felt strong and satisfied in the way she had literally Picked Her King and Got him. Any woman with that kind of magic should be strong enough to be happy when she got what she wanted. At the moment, she didn't even realize what she had done.

Sybella, responded unaware that when she did so, she would become aware and understand far more then she expected. She did not know what she did not know and not knowing became a spiritual and emotional journey she never imagined.

It took but, only a few exchanges of words, one to the other, before Sybella realized the profound implications of the situation. It was for but a few words from ChooseWell that she stood face to surrender to the one truth she had never denied...

It was just that it was in the words from her Knight that caused Sybella to crash right into the fact that she and he were absolutely part of the same bolt of lightning.

It did not appear to matter their eyes had not touched--or their voices not yet greeted one another after the years seperated. It was that the kind of love Sybella and ChooseWell had know was the kind only known by the poets of it.

By mere exchange of their words--ChooseWell and Sybella had always been poetry together. Within the exchange of but a few letters their poetry picked up right where it had stopped when ChooseWell had left her to fight his dragon.

Not exactly, where Sybella, the wife of Her King had ever much expected to find herself, especially with no advance notice.

With the whirl-wind of it all, it appears Sybella is making sense of it all now. And apparently ready to take her steps toward the next bend in her path.


Anonymous said...

It is clear to the discerning eye that your "king" is naught but a pretender to the throne, and ChooseWell is, without a doubt, among the most fortunate of all men, and may, in point of fact, be THE MOST Fortunate of them all... To have the Love of One such as you is in truth the Greatest Treasure of all, Eternity's Sharing... Yes, the verdict is in, ChooseWell IS The Most Fortunate of All Men, and, Word has it, Forever Grateful in the Knowledge.

Sybella said...

me too you....