June 12, 2009

Three Moons of Thoughts

It had been an unexpected turn of events and emotions Sybella encountered when the cycle of the year turned to spring. All of her dreams, plans, and understanding shifted without notice as winter passed and with every new day of the season.
Her response to the sudden shift of personal perspective was to ground herself, and seek clarity and understanding before deciding the magic she would work.
Sybella gave herself three full moons of thought, and observation. Time for her emotions and understanding to go full circle. Time for the risk of irrational response to pass. She was wise for this effort and the time she offered herself in order to find balance.
Sybella was ready for the turn of the new season for the arrival of the Summer Solstice. Sybella was clear in her own mind, grounded in the purpose of her steps and filled with an energy she never imagined she would posses when the year had turned to spring.
For Sybella Spring of 2009 was filled with the birth of a new path. For clarity she was very quiet and wrote little as she allowed her mind and spirit to be filled rather than to spill it all out before her own understanding. Having taken these three moons for this purpose Sybella now stands ready to walk through the open doors she has found during her three moons of thoughts.

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