June 26, 2009

Into Summer

Just as the spring came with its twists and changes in Sybella's life in Thisworld the shift of the seasons to summer came with it's own! Clearly the mystery of springs journey to continue into the summer.

The first few long days of summers sunshine energy intensified with all the under current of of mystery of where this road is leading. Sybella, generally satisfied with routine and fine to live in automated step walks into the summer with her feet grounded and her mind in a complete knot of unexpected strings of thought. Out of her own comfort zone and on a path of unexpected passage.

Sybella recognizes she holds all the power over her own life and chooses to live in patience rather then wave her wand and make magic in a hasty moment. Her own intuition seeing the roads destination but knowing the implications of misdirected energy she continues to allow life to unfold before she makes any direction of her own powers. She knows that life is long in Thisworld and at this time there is no need or reason to push things. Simply to continue to watch those around her push their own ways.

The priorities and issues she once thought the most important just one season behind all thrown into the air. What was once her most important focus of attention now the least of her concerns. Those things she was once willing to sacrifice have become her most important passions. This is not the time for magic making it's the time for contemplating. And trusting of her own natural instincts.

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