Never Waxing has Taken so Long!

Oh, this Moon! What has come over me! Never has the waxing seemed such an eternity! Goodness... I am ready for it, and still wax.

This is like watching the grass grow...(Yes, I know that is engaging and fascinating and everything but, ) for Sybella I so to be there already!

Patience, I know. Patience I Know!... I know patience.
I know patience, I know patience, I know patience.

Sybella is full--she is magic tonight. Filled with alive and wanting to release.

Sybella's Soundrack fro Life January 2010

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Living Life to the Beat of my own drum in beautiful Portland Oregon. I am the mother of two adult biological children and adoptive mother of two siblings. I have a background in Newspaper reporting, editing and publication. Educated in writing and music. After Serving Several Years as an Insurance Agent I left the 9-5 in 2001. I am currently a freelance writer for Both publication and Internet content. I am also a Social Netspert and enjoy working with New Media marketing and promotions.



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