January 3, 2009

Widow Spirit...

Sybella wrote:

For so long it has been the unseen of my footsteps and journey of my spirit that have been left denied. It was by magic that I cast the plan, I have followed well alone in the spirits journey. Intentional and deliberately living seen and unseen.

The physical world seen has been built on stable ground. Solid and strong by those things measured with the eye of the body. Complete and normal by the judgements and standards of the society for which my body is seen by others.

In thisworld I do not travel alone and am able to be the physical body I am. A choice I made some years ago when my soul lost the other half of it. When by the air of lies we were mates torn from one another. My balance and my magic ever lacking for the loss. I have been alone one half of another in the spirit. Solitary in the magic of my wisdom.

It is as if there is no other half that will complete me, I am a widow to the love of my soul mate in spirit. As some who know this love in life's real day know--true love cannot replace what love was true. There will not be second chances once the sweet taste of it has been upon the lips. Best to move along life's journey long without--then try to make another stand in obligation of fulfilling the true magic of the spirit bond.

I knew this when I cast the path that I am living in the world known and seen. I knew that my soul was a widow for the loss of my other half of me. It is well, my life that those who see me envy and admire. Oh, that this could have been shared on the highest levels. It cannot be. I never set out to make the magic that it would be. I am fine seen in this life I have made happen.

My soul has been left without it's mate. Death didn't separate by the human body. It was the magic of the lies the body's seductress took from the mate of my spirit. The false euphoria offered by the lies of substance without a soul in anyway that, took him. The lies of air and tricks of immature magic he went to find the bottom of it's filthy tricks. He left me for a lover of deception and tricks of air that only wanted what I had. My soul mate and counter part... the spirit of the passion and all connection only shared with the one of it.

Solitary as I stood within the circle cast. Where once he stood there with me in the south and then his hand I lost.

So, this is the story of the love that was of spirit...the life's lonely widow of the soul and what it is not seen in the journey.

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