January 27, 2009

The Dance in the South of Summer's Moon

It has been long years since the dance was shared with passion red beneath the full moon.

Fire's dare of forbidden wine our lips tasted in each other.
Hot beneath the flicker light of passions summer night.
Open souls for communion with one another.

Hands that touched body flesh and reached beyond to touch the spirit direct.
Hands that softly caressed the skin of the spirits human body.
Hands that filled me inside deep and full--complete submission of soul and body.

Our dance within the circle standing as one in the South of the summer moon.
Her light casted vision on the unseen part of my deepest self.
Making seen that which could not be seen in light of day or artificial.

Only by the spotlight of the moon to offer cover for the magic of surrender.
Oh, the loss of any spirit innocence given for the blessing of the Mother Witness.
Making energy to cast the circle of us for infinity.

Together dancing in the South of summers moon...

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