January 20, 2009

Are you lost by the language?

Can you not understand the language written on the pages by Sybella? Then it should be seen they are not meant for your understanding. If you cannot read what is and is not written then you must not fret--simply click away and forget that you were unable to understand the language of Sybella.

This circle cast is for but those who can see. Who would know the meaning of the words without the need of interpretation. If it is thee, Merry Meet. I am Sybella a name given to me within a dream passed down from those who came by blood before me.

The steps before this have been a body's life journey. The house of the spirit that is Sybella not called or known by many in this name. I have been on something of a path of discovery. A solitary walk of spirit with the body named a different name then I am known. I have mastered this part of life's long journey and live the seeing worlds vision of envy. Oh, that it was as real as that it appeared.

It is real and for the body named another name it is safe, secure and complete on all the levels of the earths measure. For the body it is perfection what is seen but, for Sybella it is not. Sybella is all that is not the body seen.

Sybella is unseen. The spirit widow of another once know both in spirit and in our body's named a different name. Left without one or the other not by death and life seen moved to make the matter right. Sybella left alone.

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