August 6, 2009

Secret Sidetrips

Sybella has not been her usual self for the last several weeks. Perhaps for the past three full moons in fact. The return of ChooseWell in her thoughts made he remember what it was like to be wisked away with passion and fire. And even with the fact of their lives NOT being permitted to be together--the memory of what it felt like to be the center of a mans passion and desire has been returning to the list of wants and needs she has for herself.

The past several months her need to be wanted and desired has outweighed nearly any other part of her life. She has been on a public mission to make herslef as fit and attractive as she can possibly becaome, with time passing so rapidly. At the same time she has been letting herself listen to the inappropriate words the lustful men in the kingdom like to say--thinking they might as well since the chance was very slim they would ever be permitted to actually live them out. With her anyway.

Her secret sidetrips into the kingdom for such attention has taken a great deal of time and energy--primping and having a very shiny twinkle doesn't just happen like magic even for a faerie it takes a little elbow-grease! Flittering around and listening to the men with only wanton desires takes a lot out of a faery princess Queen of the Castle! For that fact Sybella has been lacking the inspiration to spend much time thinking of how to write it...that and who would actually write of such things when it's her little secret?

Seems that now she has taken a little time and given herself some attention which did in fact result in nothing but positive implications for Sybella in her situation. It's really just as simple as the basic fact that in This World Sybella has a very nice life--but, can't be left to live it alone in a castle without someone there to notice her and look at her with that eye of want and desire. Just about the only think not perfect in her life--is the lake of passion and fire. Perhaps, the next few moons will see a change for the better in this area--with or without Her King being required? Or perhaps Her King might take notice and remember what caused him to make her his Queen in the first place.

It just remains to be seen what the Stars and the Sky have to say about the future. Will it be Her King who decides he will take notice, or one of the many in the kingdom whom already have noticed and made themselves clear?

1 comment:

JACK said...

Say Princess, the more i learn about you the more i desire you...Let me in your little scret side trip.Anna if you would see what it looks like to have the most want and desire than any man has ever had in his eyes for you then look in my eyes....let me wisk you away with passion and fire.If i havent made myself clear yet than let me do it now..your very attractive. If you look in my eye now or any time you would see that my eyes are full of want and desire. they have been like that since the first day i laid eyes on you...Let me and you swim in that lake of passion and fire......